Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Why Kimbo Why?

Is anyone out there even remotely surprised at the outcome of this fight? The only thing I'm surprised at is Herb Dean not stopping the fight at the end of the 1st round. I'll give it to Roy Nelson for using the crucifix position to win via T.K.O. but it certainly was not an impressive win. Dana White told it right when he said the punches Nelson gave were similar to his daughter's punches. After all the hype of saying this fight is one the MMA's biggest, I just have to ask the UFC what the heck they are thinking about. If this is supposed to be one of the Biggest fights in the UFC then I would rather switch to the WWE and watch John Cena act as if he was black and a part of G-Unit.

Now although the fight was horrible I would watch it again just because I found Rampage to be hilarious in this episode.

I would just like to add one more thing to show how big of a hypocrite Dana White is. Wasn't it Dana who said Gary Shaw was a moron for promotion his shows based on the internet sensation of "Kimbo Slice"? Well whats the UFC doing now? The whole TUF season was hyped up because of Kimbo Slice. This is a smart marketing plan because Kimbo is a bigger name than any other fighter on the show but how is this any better than EliteXC?

The Comeback Kid

Let me start off by saying I am not in shock Ortiz is back in the UFC. Dana White has always been about the money and lets be honest, the name "Tito Ortiz" is a big one in the MMA world. It would seem Tito and Dana got their problems solved but I'm sure Dana still hates the face of Ortiz.

Tito will face Mark Coleman at UFC 106 on November 21st. It is hard to call this fight because Ortiz has not fought since May 2008 and it will be interesting to see how successful Ortiz's back surgery was. In order to win Tito has to use his wrestling background to take Coleman down and utilize a ground and pound game. Coleman may be 44 years old but he is no slouch in cardio and that will probably play into the fight because I see the fight going all 3 rounds.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Starting off 2010 with a Blast

So its Official Anderson, The Spider, Silva is going to take on Vitor Belfort in UFC 108 on January 2nd 2010. The Spider has been lacking in his last few middle weight fights, but in my opinion thats only because hes not had much motivation to fight Patrick Cote and Thales Leites. This would be an interesting matchup with both fighters being stand up guys. With Belfort’s explosive quick hands against the precision of Anderson’s stand up game, this fight has to end with some excitement. This is why I am predicting a T.K.O. victory for Anderson Silva in the 3rd round.

It is rumoured on the same card we could be seeing a number one contenders match for the winner of Silva vs Belfort. We have Dan Henderson vs Nate Marquardt. Henderson has already proved he deserves another title shot with one of the biggest knockouts in 2009 against Michael Bisping. Both these men have already lost to Silva and to be honest, I don’t see them being the middle weight champion if Silva wins his fight.

I just hope Vitor Belfort can make weight this time...

Is Rampage done?

Its unfortunate MMA lost one of their best fighters at 205. I wish this whole issue would have been after the Rashad fight at UFC107 cause I wanted to see some "black on black crime". I would have predicted Jackson via K.O. in the 2nd round.

I'm not going to bad mouth Rampage for leaving the UFC because his career is right up there with the best. He was the first undisputed Pride and UFC champion after all. And his win via Power Bomb against Ricardo Arona is probably the most played MMA clip.

I would like to wish Rampage good luck with his life but I had to laugh at what he said when he quiet. "So I feel like my second career could be in jeopardy . . . so I'm done fighting." - Rampage Jackson. haha I wouldn't consider the role of B.A. Baracus in the new A-Team movie an "acting career"

I've read a couple of other people's blogs on Rampage and they go on saying it looked as if Rampage was afraid of Rashad in the show and that assumption is ridiculous. He has been in the cage with Wanderlei Silva, Mauricio “Shogun” Rua, Chuck Liddell, no way he can be afraid of Evans. As far as people saying Rampage seems like such a bad coach on the show, he is a bad coach. Hes horrible at coaching and I don't think any disagrees on that but hes paid to fight, not to coach.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Praise for Obama

Now, of course every one knows Obama is supposed to be the new revolution America has been waiting for. Recently, B. Bernice Young Elementary School taught 18 of their young children a song that praises the President. They chanted the name "Barack Hussein Obama!" a numerous amount of times and the American media has been on this case ever since it hit Youtube last week (This is probably cause the Republicans own the media!!). Now many many Canadians are wondering whats wrong with this? They think there is nothing wrong with a song about Obama. Well fellow Canadians, unfortunately the American main stream media has a point.

As Canadians we love Obama but think of it like this. Imagine a school was singing and praising about George W. Bush, would we still think these songs are such good ideas? How about if you were a Jewish parent and you just learned your son's public school was singing songs about Jesus Christ and Santa Claus?

I am not saying this was such a bad thing where it needs all the attention it got, but I am simply stating schools should not do this because some families might not support President Obama (yes there are such families out there).

Don't think I don't love Obama, I'm Canadian too and we all love him up here!