Friday, October 30, 2009

31/10/09 + 01/11/09

The week is finally over and I'm sure every BBA WLU student will tell you they are happy even if our 2nd economic midterm is a week away. I'll worry about that later! After my exam I was walking back to res and I saw a guy dressed up as a cow and I was like O__O and then I realized its almost Halloween and maybe he was going to party.

I'm watching Foo Fighters live online right now and wow they are my favourite band by far!

So today (or I guess technically yesterday)I just had what every upper year said is the hardest midterm of BBA students in WLU and it did not disappoint. The BU111 midterm was pretty killer. 100s of pages to study is normal for any course but what killed it was just the stock/tax problems. I just hope I passed, literally. For the past few days I've been doing nothing but those problems for practice and I think I even went a little crazy. Only the Jassar students will understand this but I did his mirror ritual where you tell yourself in the mirror your gonna do well. Good thing I didn't get crazy enough for a 1 man laughing exercise. So my apartment must be paper thin or something because last night when I was reading my notes I was pretty sleepy and then all of a sudden I guess the person living above me dropped something and I got so scared and was like wth cause I had my headphones on so I didn't know it was from upstairs. I thought someone threw something at the window or banged on the door. But then I heard them get up and pick it off the floor. At least it woke me up haha.Its Halloween today and I hope I'll have fun tonight seeing friends at Waterloo (no not you guys Jenny and Gary, I'm gonna visit a few of my other friends there 1st BUT of course I'm really excited to see you guys too haha) Random thing but its my roommate's gf's bday today and we sang happy bday to her.Since its Halloween I wanted to dress up but I had no time/ too lazy to get a costume. If I brought my suit to university at least I could have walked around the campus telling every guy I saw to SUIT UP! (only HIMYM fans understand)

Ohh yeah 2 days ago I ran into a sfx friend! Last time I saw Kevin was probably June 2005 when we graduated elementary school haha so thats more than 4 years! wow time sure goes by fast. So the Conversation went like this. He saw me and was like "Hey, sfx?" and I looked and I like uhh.. ohh "Yeah, whats up Kevin!" haha I guess this just means I haven't changed much since grade 8. We couldn't talk much because we had to go back to our res and study for that dang BU111 and he lived across campus from me.

So random but I'm in my living room and the the apartment door is open because we never lock it and my roommate's friend walks in asking for him but I knew he left like 5 minutes ago but his was sooo wasted. He came in like half an hour ago and was already a bit tipsy and when I said hey to him. I know he drunk for sure cause he kept on telling me and Omar we are good people and I remember I kept telling Swapan and Gary that when I drank haha.

I was planning to join the MMA team here at WLU but the schedule didn't fit with mine and I have classes during their practices so I will have to settle for it next term only. Instead I joined the dragon boat team. Watch out Xin I'll be facing you on the waters! I don't really know why i joined it haha but at least it will motivate me to keep in shape and to work more on cardio.

Who said you have to eat bad in uni? No such thing as the freshman 15! This was a random dinner I had with san choi bow and a random dessert on the bottom. Ignore the white part because I ate a chunk of it haha. And of course there is my favourite grass jelly drink too, I probably drink 1 of those a day now which can't be good for me.

^ Random pumpkin my roommate bought and is going to crave it tonight.

6pm: 1st time working out in a month and I am so tired. I wish I had a spotter because when I was doing bench presses I was having trouble with my third set. My roommate is dressed as a woman for Halloween and it is quite disturbing, I would take a picture of him to show you all but that would be beyond awkward.

3am (or is it 4am? I think its day light savings so I'm pretty sure its 3): My upper body and abs are so sore now! My tricep and chest are hurting but I guess thats a good thing. I'll feel it more in the morning.

Tonight's 1st party was soo boring at UWP. When I went there with Gary we were like heyy and it looked like a decent bunch of people but I almost slept X__x. Boring people! So Jenny, Gary, and I left at about 12ish I think. Me and Jenny went to V1 and partied with her friend Zi (hope thats how I spell his name) and all these random people. I think I would give Zi my BAMF of the day because he has a midterm the next day and he still hosted a party. I'll only post 1 picture up so no one gets mad at me haha.So many random games that I learned today. Some were just too complex and I will never remember them though. It was like 8 people in one small room and the don only came in once! We were actually pretty loud too. Good thing no one barfed. That would have ruined the party. Barfers are soft! Nasty to clean and smells bad! So the fact that I'm writing this right after the party shows I'm okay haha.

When I got back to res apparently there was a fight and some one broke the door. I felt bad for the guy cleaning the mess.
My res was in no better shape. But its not that bad so I don't care too much. I hope my roommates had fun.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Good old Hao Ming

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Fall Classic

Its that time of the year again. The Home Run Derby!... I mean the World Series... Its almost a match up of who can hit more monsters than it is about strategy. As great as the line ups are with their power you can't over look the incredible arms of CC Sabathia and Cliff Lee. How much better can this be with 2 of the best left-handers in the game. As heart warming as a Cinderella story is, its nice to see the 2 best teams make it in the World Series for once.

If I had the time I would write a long blog of how I think the series will go but since I don't I'm just going to say the Yankees in 6. The Phillies may be able to step up their hitting or they might be able to match the pitching but doing both is going to be a miracle. I'm a big fan of Cliff Lee so I hope he wins tonight.

11:47pm - Cliff Lee got the win!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Maybe its because the new Michael Jackson movie is out but this video is pretty funny


You have got to be kidding me!!! I'm im my living room studying for BU111 and I try to go into my room to get something and my roommate locked the door. WTF! MY KEYS R IN THERE!!! What a dick... theres a cable going from my room to the living room so how can he not know I'm at res?? >_>

8pm: After about 3 hours my roommate comes back and I can finally go in my room!

10:45pm - Awkward moment in the laundry room X__X. Please take all your clothes out of the dryer before you leave! Thank you!

Unlucky 106

Looks like UFC 106 is having trouble again. Earlier this month Mark Coleman already bailed out from the co-main event with Tito Ortiz and fortunately enough they got Forrest Griffin to replace the spot. I like this move by Forrest because his last fight with Tito came down to a split decision loss (in my opinion I thought Forrest won, great job judges!).

I don't know why Griffin was crying after the Anderson fight. Its like losing an arm wrestling competition to the Hulk, there is nothing to feel ashamed of. After saying that, it is a must win for both fighters because this is Tito's first fight since coming back and of course if Forrest loses, it would be his third consecutive loss.

The main event is having just as much trouble because Brock Lesnar has officially pulled out of the card due to illness. His manager claims he has been sick for over 3 weeks but ensures it is not the swine flu. Although I'm not sure to what extent the sickness is, MAN UP LESNAR! Your the heavy weight champion! Set the example! No one always fights 100% and you can't pull out of a fight due to an illness.
The card is already having trouble selling tickets I just don't see how the UFC can help this card.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Robbed in L.A.

MMA Fan 1: Omg! Shogun was robbed in L.A.!
MMA Fan 2: Where did he get robbed? He was probably in Compton and ran into a gang right?
MMA Fan 1: No... it was the 3 judges at the Staple Center who robbed Shogun tonight.

Thats right Machida won like everyone said he would, but he should thank the judges for the victory, not himself. The fight was an extremely technical stand up fight where it never even touched the ground. Shogun gave Machida plenty to worry about with kicks from every angle possible. This just shows how kicks are under utilized in the UFC today. The fight reminded me of how Keith Jardine defeated Chuck Liddell by using ruthless body kicks and how Forrest Griffin defeated Rampage for the title with the hard leg kicks. The only difference is they won their fights and Rua came out empty handed.
All 3 judges gave the fight a decision of 48-47 in favour of Machida. I had it 49-46 Rua by giving the 3rd round to Machida. Even Machida looked surprised when he heard Bruce Buffer calling him out as the winner. You hear it over and over again but I guess you can never leave it in the hands of the judges. If GSP was at the arena he would tell Machida "I was not impressed by your performance." I think if Vin Diesel has taught us anything its that it doesn't matter if you win by a mile or win by an inch, a win is a win. Enough with the bullshit of "you have to clearly beat the champ to be the champ". This reminds of of the fight in the U.K. where Bisping got a judges decision over Hamill. Its as if the UFC is turning in to the WWE! I left WWE for a reason, please don't start acting like them.

I would like to see Anderson Silva vs Shogun to see who is the number 1 contender. The only problem is if Shogun won the fight his 2nd title shot would come too soon. Perhaps Anderson Silva vs Rashad Evans would also do the job.

*If you agree with this join A.S.S. - The official Alliance for Shogun's Success*

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Swine Influenza

Hey lets all congratulate Canada's health care system because once again we showed we are the slowest at doing everything! Canada just got the swine flu vaccine on Oct. 16, about a week after the U.S. and countries around Europe got their vaccinations. But is this a bad thing? I don't think so, I say only about a third of Canadians will get the shot. I'm sure some people still have the 1976 flu vaccine in their minds. A flu outbreak came out and companies created a vaccine without enough testing because of the great demand for the shot,which caused at least 25 related deaths.

I am not telling people to not take the shot if they feel sick but if you are a perfectly healthy adult you should be fine without the dose. There are a number of "rare" allergic reactions to the vaccine. These people got paralyzed for life, and if they didn't take the shot they would have been fine. The swine flu isn't killing normal healthy people so I just don't see a real need for it. The media is simply trying to push the public too hard to take the vaccine (as they always do). On another note, please don't take my opinion for fact and blame me if anything does happen to you (knock on wood).

I am not too sure whether I should laugh or be worried because apparently there was an outbreak of swine flu for turkeys at a farm near Kitchener, Ont. And the government is pushing farmers to give their livestock the flu shot which I find ridiculous.

Friday, October 23, 2009

University makes me tired

I am so tired right now because I just had a 7 hour meeting with my business group doing our case study. The we had the meeting in the game room of King Street res which is a pretty dumb idea because theres a pool table there! So I was distracted most of the time. That table was horrible, the walls either don't bounce or it makes the ball jump, oh yeah, the stick doesn't have a tip...just the plastic part.

Psychology midterm wasn't horrible but it wasn't too great either. I hope I did decent on that midterm. Now its time for me to study sociology and global studies and then maybe a bit of BU111 but I don't see myself doing that till Tuesday after my other midterms.

After my psychology I went to the cafe to get dinner because I didn't feel like cooking dinner. When I went there was a stir fry dish but it was pretty small and I didn't eat anything for the whole day so I decided to get 2. My BU111 group member was behind me in line and when it was her turn and she asked for a stir fry the lady was like "I'm sorry we just ran out of rice" hahaha I felt kind of bad cause I was holding 2 rice boxes and she just gave me a T.T look.
4:00pm - Roommate still sleeping o_O

Thursday, October 22, 2009


So today was a Wednesday which meant class from 1pm-7pm, which is decent because I get to sleep in (don't hate). Today when I was making breakfast I burnt my food a bit because I was watching last night's Yankees vs Angels highlights. Is it just me or did I see the worst referee call ever when Tim McClelland called Cano safe at 3rd?

Well BU111 was a long lecture and was pretty difficult but I survived it. I'm gonna die on that midterm!

When I was walking to my GS101 tutorial I saw a cop giving tickets to like 5 cars in a row because they weren't allowed to park on that side of the road. It was pretty funny because he randomly looked at me and I think he said "wow these drivers are just plain stupid" and I just nodded since I was listening to music and barely heard him. AH! I'm so mad cause I was planning to go see LMFAO the day before but since all these darn midterms are stacking up I decided not to go. My friend from this tutorial was telling us how fun it was and how people got to go on stage and stuff >_>...

In economics today there were some HARD clicker questions. One question had 11 people right in a class of 160. It got pretty funny when this blonde girl behind was was talking to her friend saying "the answer has to be C! trust me, I'm not as dumb as I look." And surely enough the answer was not C so I started laughing a bit, but then people were looking at me wondering why I was laughing -__-.

I should have skipped Sociology because she didn't even give anything informative about the midterm and the lecture wasn't gonna be on the midterm. What a waste of time!

The good thing about today was I didn't have a meeting! Finally I'm home at 7:30! I studied for psychology for a long long time and I think I should be decently ready tomorrow. I wonder how much my roommate studied for that midterm. Hes playing WoW now so probably not much.

3:00am: Group member tells me to call him for case study ><. DAMN I AM TIRED!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

"I Spit in the face of people who don't want to be cool"

I'm sorry for using this title but I couldn't resist saying Carlitio's annoying line. Probably the dumbest line ever created in the WWE.

This whole story about Rivera being a cheater because there were images of him "spitting" on the ball is ridiculous. He is perhaps the best closer to ever play the game. Everybody knows hes going to throw his cut fastball but yet they can barely get their barrel on the ball. In the images you can't see anything hitting the ball even if it was obvious he spit out of his mouth. As much as I hate the Yankees, Rivera isn't a cheat so no one should hate on him. We should all concentrate out anger at A-Rod just cause hes an dick player and probably a bigger asshole in person. So I would just like to say, to think Rivera has been doing this for 15 years is just plain senseless!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Its time to slay the Dragon!

Lyoto Machida is finally defending his belt this Saturday against Mauricio "Shogun" Rua at UFC 104. I really hope I have time to watch it even if I doubt I will since I have midterms. Regardless of whether I will be able to watch this live or not I'll make sure to download it.

I know there are a lot of people cheering for Shogun but this isn't 3 years ago. Shogun is a different fighter now. He had his 1st loss in the UFC against Forrest Griffen, someone I wouldn't even consider in the top 5 light heavyweights in the world. He has had 2 knee surgeries and his conditioning did not look great against Mark Coleman. In his last fight he knocked out "The Iceman" but you have to remember this is a Chuck Liddell who should have retired 3 fights ago. None the less the TKO was impressive but was it as nice as Machida's KO against Rashad Evans?

If this was back in Pride a few years ago I would give the fight to Shogun, but now I would have to stick to Machida. If Shogun has any chance surviving he has to take this fight to the ground and hope he locks down a submission.

I don't want to jump the gun here because anything can happening in the cage but if Machida does win, who will he fight? I do not see another #1 contender. Rampage was an option but who knows how long it will take him to realize he belongs in the UFC. Maybe after the fact he realizes hes not an actor!

Now this is hard to say because Anderson Silva is not sure if he can take on Belfort because of his elbow surgery. Every one knows I don't even believe Belfort deserves that title shot. So here is what I purpose. Why not let the middleweight champion face the light-heavyweight champion if he survives Shogun. In my eyes Anderson is the only person who can "slay the Dragon ". This idea would give great publicity such as the BJ Penn vs GSP fight did. I would consider both Anderson and Machida in my top 5 pound for pound best fighters in the world and this fight would make any fight card one to remember.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Put away the milk!

So this is my third post about my roommate's milk? Its actually beginning to annoy me now because he never puts it back in the fridge. Regardless of whether he did or not I don't think it would do much because it says October 17th on the carton and its the 18th today.

For sure this is the last post about that damn milk because he finally dumped it out! He dumped it in the sink but didn't wash it off with water so the sink is so nasty now.

The Best of the Best

Here are some of my favourite comedy shows with my favourite scenes. I tried finding all scenes that have Youtube clips.

The Big Bang Theory: Movie Theater - So Leonard goes on a date with his new girlfriend at the theater and Sheldon follows along.

Friends: The Whip Sound - WHA-PAH!

Kenny vs Spenny: The Worst Humiliation! - Spenny lost the "who can create more semen" competition because Kenny used a radiation machine on Spenny so he would become sick. *This video may be disturbing*

How I Met Your Mother: Slapsgiving - Marshall gives his final 3rd slap to Barney (for a previous bet they had which Barney lost) on Thanksgiving. *I also want to say I found the scene where Ted is a professor (season 5) was hilarious. This is probably because I just entered university.**and Canny don't watch this clip unless you watched it in the show already!*

Everybody loves Raymond: The Sneeze - Ray is at the airport when a stranger sneezes on him and he believes he could have any disease from around the world.

Flight of the Concords: Flipping the Bird - When the Indian man discriminates Jermaine and Bret because they are from New Zealand.

The Office: The Hero - So I'll give you some background information to this scene. Roy (the man with the beard) was Pam's (the blonde girl) fiancee but she called the wedding off because she had feelings for Jim Halpert (the guy Roy is attacking).

My Top Ten

Heres a list of my top 10 songs. I tried to not only stick to rock songs but thats the genre I tend to listen to so the majority is still rock songs. To be more fair I didn't choose more than one song from any artist or else this list might be full of Foo Fighter songs.

1. "Sweet Child O'Mine" - Guns n Roses

2. "My Hero" - Foo Fighters
3. "Smells Like Teen Spirit" - Nirvana
4. "Billie Jean" - Michael Jackson
5. "Smoke up in Water" - Deep Purple
6. "Dream On" - Aerosmith
7. "Wonderwall" - Oasis
8. "Lose Yourself" - Eminem
9. "Young Cardinals" - Alexisonfire
10. "Numb" - Linkin Park

Friday, October 16, 2009

The Year of the Raptors

Look at your Chinese zodiacs people because it is the year of the Raptors!

We have alot riding this year with Jay Triano being the full season coach, with the signing of multiple contracts during the off-season, and of course its the last year on Chris Bosh's contract. To be honest, if CB4 is in the NBA for the money, he won't be in the red and white next season unless we pull out a deep run into the playoffs. There are simply too many teams out there with way more money than the Raptors and thats why its a make or break season for the Raps.
So since there are so many new faces on the team, here is whats new with the Toronto Raptors since the 2008/2009 season:

Key Losses: Joey Graham, Nathan Jawai, Jason Kapono, Shawn Marion, Pops Mensah-Bonsu, Anthony Parker, Roko Ukic, Jake Voskuhl
Key Additions: Marco Belinelli, DeMar DeRozan, Reggie Evans, Jarrett Jack, Amir Johnson, Rasho Nesterovic, Hedo Turkoglu, Sonny Weems, Antoine Wright

Our biggest loss was Parker because of his consistant shooting throughout the year and the energy he brings to the game. Of course, our bench lost its key 3-point shooter, Jason Kapono, which could change big time for the Raps. He was definitily not an all-star player but his shooting was 2nd to none and when hes on fire, its vertually impossible to stop his shots from downtown. I'm glad we lost Marion because he was a puzzle piece that has never fit into the Raptors organization, he was basically a waste of money.

I think everybody can agree with the addition of Hedo Turkoglu , we're a better team over all. Hes clutch in the 4th quater and as Raptors fans, how tired are we seeing games slip away day after day throughout the season?Our Starting Lineup:
Jose Calderon: Lets start off with the man who plans the plays, hes none other than Jose Calderon. Is there anyone else in sports who is overlooked more than Calderon? He has been part of the top 5 assists players in the past 2 years but most people wouldn't even include him in their top 10 pointguard list. Hes an allstar player in my eyes.DeMar DeRozan: Straight Outta Compton! Even if this is DeMar's rookie season, I have high hopes for him. Even as a freshman, he was one of USC's best players who can both score and get rebounds. I can't wait to see him on the court.
Hedo Turkoglu: The best addition to the Raptors since the draft of Bosh in 2003. He can do it all. He can make his own plays off the perimeter and he can also be at point every so often to help out Calderon. Hopefully with Hedo there is no need for Raptors fans to get mad over comeback losses.
Andrea Bargnani: As Georges St.Pierre would say "I'm not impressed by your performance" last year. I'm sure Bargnani would not like to repeat his last year's performance with his lack of shooting and rebounding. I don't expect him to be a big threat on the board this year but hopefully we will see more consistent shots.Chris Bosh: We end off with the X-Factor of the Raptors, CB4. He's a 20-10 player and Triano even said he gained 15 pounds of muscle. If he stays healthy this would be a career year for Bosh.So since I'm hyping up about the Raptor's season, some people must be wondering what can the weakness of the new Raps be? They have their all-star leader, a man at point who is great at creating plays, more aggressive rebounders, and the most in depth team the franchise has ever seen. I don't see there being any weakness in the team as we enter the season but even if a problem is found, be sure Brain Colangelo would fix it. Some people argue we don't have a strong enough "big man" and how CB4 can't handle players such as Shaq or Howard but how many teams out there can contain guys like those? Even the champs (LA Lakers) don't have a player on their team that can single handedly handle the power of D12.

If I had to predict the season's outcome it would be 46-36, I think 10 games over 500 is doable but it would definitely be difficult. I will also add I think we will either finish 4th or 5th in the East right behind Atlanta. The top 3 would be the Cavs, Magic, and Celtics.

Douchebag of the Day

"Good Milk Go Bad" - Cobra Starship

If you read my blog I talked about how my roommate left the milk out for more than 12 hours. Right now he is in front of me in the living room. Hes eating his cereal (with his milk of course) and I can't stop smirking. I would have told him about the milk but I didn't notice he was eating his cereal till half way in...I'm not gonna b like "uhh that milk is bad...after he is almost done eating >_<". Man... I am a mean person!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Study hard, beat them harder

As a Laurier GoldenHawk I'm supposed to hate the Western Mustangs because we're rivals but this story had to be told. Today at Western there were cops gone dumb again. Now, I know there are plenty of stories of cops abusing their power and authority all the time so why is this story so special? Because it happened in Canada! All those stories of bad cops come from the States and its a typical day to turn on the news and find out another cop had to retire early because of some mischief.

So this story is about 1 guy being attacked by 5 cops. They punch his head, knee his body, and even use their batons on this guy. Whats their defense to this action? "Because he was resisting" - the cop. So what does this mean? 5 cops can't handle the strength of 1 student? Who is this student, the Bear Jew? Is this why students get told to stay in school? to get man handled by 5 cops? Thats alot of questions but its because these cops have alot to answer for their actions

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


So I first fell in love with the original NCIS back when Sasha Alexander was on the show from seasons 1 and 2. I didn't know what the heck NCIS stood for but it was a witty show with a few laughs here and there. The show was probably the best from seasons 3-5 when and Cote de Pablo just joined and Lauren Holly was still in the show. Mark Harman was of course my favourite character since he was the "badass boss". A close second would be David McCallum, maybe he would have made the top of the list if I even understood half of his references to movies I never even heard of haha.

So how does the new series NCIS: LA stand in comparison? Not as great. It is still a decent show that I would watch but there isn't much of a comparison. The original NCIS just has better developed characters. Perhaps NCIS is meant for a younger audience with Chris O'Donnell and LL Cool J. I've read a few articles saying NCIS: LA could take over NCIS: DC but I don't see that happening any time soon. Both shows are good but if I had to recommend only one to watch, it would be the original NCIS.

To help, or not to help.

So today I remember coming back from class at about 12pm and my roommate just woke up (I swear he sleeps like more than 10 hours a day). Well I see him eating his cereal before I left again and as I was working in my living room tonight I saw his milk carton still out (at 1am). Of course I thought it was empty but nope it was pretty much brand new and still pretty full. I put it back in the fridge for him but is this the right thing? I'm pretty sure the milk has gone bad from sitting out for over 12 hours. So yeah I was just wondering on what people thought. Should I have left the milk out or was it a good thing I helped him put the milk back?

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Ultimate Punching

I was obvious it was going to happen, it was more a question of when. The Simpsons finally had an episode about MMA. Unfortunately they joined the trend way after it became cool to jump on.

Is this a sign other shows such as family guy will start including MMA into their shows too? They probably will. The UFC is growing everyday with its number of fans all across the world. To be honest, Family Guy could probably pick on the UFC better than what the Simpsons did. All they did was show a character who appeared to be Chuck Liddell and threw in the words jiu-jitsu and wrestling. They should have included Bruce Buffer and Big John in the ring or at least put Chuck Liddell in a fight with Nelson when he was bullying people. Marge's opponent should have been Dana White because for all the Dana haters out there (which is alot of people) it would have been fun to see his ass kicked by Marge.

I can only see South Park doing such an incredible job with a MMA based episode. They are truly the best people who can ridicule others. The episode they made fun of Family Guy was hysterical.

If I had to rate this episode I would give it a 7/10. Partially because this was the first episode based fully on MMA even if I thought it was long overdue.

Sunday, October 11, 2009


For all the non-The Office fans the title means Pam Beesley and Jim

Absolutely the best scene in The Office history.
Favourite part: When Kevin walks down the wedding isle and then trips.

Does everyone agree with me when I say "finally Jim and Pam get married!"? You had to watched the episode to understand why Kevin was wearing tissue boxes for shoes or like why Jim's tie was cut in half. I am sure many, if not all, of you already watched the real wedding "forever" video and I always liked that video because of its uniqueness and its originality.
Maybe its because I watched this episode with my cousins, who I haven't seen in a long time, or maybe because it was during my Thanksgiving dinner, but I think this was the best episode of The Office in all 6 seasons. I remember the first time I watched The Office. My cousin showed me the 4th episode (The Alliance) of the 1st season. I wondered why this show was so weird. They would make references to "thats what she said" and Dwight's character just seemed awkward. But some how I found the more I watched the show the more it grew on me. I began to understand all the inside jokes and Dwight became my favourite character. His rivalry with Jim became hilarious with all the pranks like the staple in jell-o.

I feel the office will end soon because Jim got his promotion to co-manager and Jim and Pam finally got married (something fans have been waiting for ever since the first episode). Whether this is the last season or not, The Office is a show I would recommend to anyone at anytime.

China Pride

People usually pick on Chinese people who can't speak English. This lady made the same mistake. Apparently the black lady wanted the seat on the bus but clearly the Asian lady was there first and I am glad to see her stand her ground! I am disappointed in the fact none of the other Chinese people stepped in to help their fellow Asian native. Then again, I think that lady made it clear she didn't need any help at all. I'm sure the next time that black lady wants to sit on a bus she won't hit some one for it.

Friday, October 9, 2009


Obama got the Nobel Peace prize early this morning and I guess the BIG question is does he deserve this? Well to be honest, probably not. Even the president himself was shocked to hear he had the honour of receiving the reward. Many people are criticizing the Nobel Peace community for awarding Obama even when he has not made any major international legislatures. Theses people are not wrong for saying that but think about it, if the reward was not given to the President would anyone even be talking about this? Not many people would even know the prize was given out. Who knows who won the prize prior to Obama? Most people wouldn't have a clue. So although the President might not have done any break through peace agreements in the Middle-East or in North Korea, give him a break, hes a global icon. He has inspired countless amounts of people, and not only Americans. Think about it this way, after EIGHT years with Bush running America, whoever took over had to look like Mother Teressa.

The prize is more of a motivation for the President to push for his anti-nuclear world and peace between the Israel and Palestine. The President has only been in office for 9 months fixing the mess Bush created for the past 8 years. Give him another year and he'll show why he deserves to be in the Nobel Peace prize winner circle. So I would just like to say congratulations to the President and good luck in full-filling the high expectations you have on your shoulder.

Let the Battle Begin

The Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 trailer came out a while ago but I never got around to talk about it. I was a huge MW (Modern Warfare) fan. Playing it everyday, trying to prestige all 10 lvls. I just hope MW2 can live up to its prequile. I never got into the game of COD: World at War because it came out during my grade 12th year so I didn't have much time to play. So this is why I enjoy the MW series more than the World War games. (In this blog I might be regarding to Xbox360s only and thats only because I have that console, no disrespect to the PS3 and PC fans out there)

Lets start off by saying I can't wait to try the co-op Special Op mode since MW did not have any co-op mode to play. Great thing is that your co-op player can be over Xboxlive and not just in your home. This is an awesome feature for the fact that I enjoy co-op modes but hate split-screens.

So I’m really interested in the “Riot Shield” It reminds me of when Halo came out with the Energy sword. But some how I don’t think a “Riot Shield” will be equally as cool as the “Energy Sword”. Back in MW the UAV and air strike were good kill streak perks but some people said the helicopter was too cheap when you got a 7 kill streak, for all those people I have one thing to say “Wait till u see the kill streak perks for MW2!” heres a list of the bonuses:

  • 3 - UAV: Deploys a UAV to scan the map and reveal enemy locations.
  • 4 - Care Package: "Air drop a random killstreak or ammo". Deploys by throwing a red smoke grenade. The care package can be picked up by anyone once it hits the ground, including the enemy team.
  • 4 - Counter-UAV: Blocks an enemy UAV.
  • 5 - Sentry Gun: Allows the player to deploy an automated XM312 machinegun. The gun automatically fires at enemies in its line of sight, but it can be destroyed by enemy fire.
  • 5 - Predator Missile: Fires a controllable missile at a designated target area. However, the user is defenseless while controlling the missile.
  • 6 - Precision Airstrike: Initiates an airstrike on a targeted area much like the Airstrike in Call of Duty 4. However, the user can now control the direction the airstrike comes from.
  • 7 - Attack Helicopter: Deploys a helicopter to attack enemy players.
  • 9 - Pave Low: Deploys a Sikorsky MH-53. Described as a more heavily armored attack helicopter which possesses two turrets.
  • 11 - AC-130: Deploys an AC-130 gunship that the player controls. However, the user can not directly defend themselves while commanding the AC-130.

So I will assume when you get a 4 kill streak and 5 kill streak will get an option on which perk to use, which is pretty good depending on the situation you are put in. I am not too sure what the AC-130 does but if its a 11 kill streak, it must be good. And the Pave Low perk just sounds like a more heavily armed version of the Attack Helicopter which is awesome.

Although I am not sure about all the new perks and weapons in MW2 this would be how my character is suited up.

Primary Weapon: P90 with silencer

Secondary Weapon: Golden Desert Eagle

Special Grenades: Stun Grenade

Perk 1: Sleight of Hand Pro

Perk 2: Cold Blooded

Perk 3: Scrambler

So if any of you play COD:MW I would love to see how you would suit up your character too. I'll probably change mine around once I play the game because I’ll probably like using the new weapons more.

I hope multiplayer will have equally as well plotted maps as MW but one thing I wish would change is the martyrdom perk. This perk would drop a live grenade as the other player dies which I think shouldn't be in the game. Its a fun perk as a beginner but I am curtain all those people out there who are equally big fans, or perhaps bigger, agree when I say martyrdom is for noobs!

I can’t wait for this game to come out on November 10th 2009. Let the Battle Begin!