Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year's Resolutions: "Here Comes the Sun"

I've never been to Hong Kong or Tokyo but I now know how crowded it must be for them. Counting down for 2010 was definitely exciting with Kardinal and Karl Wolf performing but it was impossible to move. We got pretty close to the front for going so late but some how we pushed our way through. After the countdown was even more killer! And subway got no better! But will I do it again? Probably only when its a new decade.
So its a new year, a fresh start, here is a short list of my goals for the year.

1) Be able to fully apply the rubber2) Work on my stand up game
3) Keep going to the gym (not really a resolution)
4) Learn either the guitar or drums (only drums if I can afford it)
One Man Band!

5) Make sure my first year marks are high enough for co-op (I need at least one academic goal)

Monday, December 28, 2009

The H-Bomb: Cause I'm T.N.T., I'm dynamite

Dec. 27th
Apparently All-Stars still doesn't have Armageddon on their menu any more so we had to get the H-Bomb and damn, it had a strong after effect. Don't believe me? just watch this video.

That was only one wing!
The H-Bomb

We went to a party after dinner and learned a new game. Liar's dice is actually a pretty addicting game. I believe the Chinese term is "Dai Wa Sik" but I'm completely guessing that.

One thing I learned that night is some of Hao Ming's darkest secrets. Scary secrets....
And he's okay!

No wait.... never mind, he's wasted.

1,2,3 *ding ding ding* "New World Heavyweight Champion!"

Dec. 28th
Xin's place for his Birthday and of course there was cake for the man who is turning 19.Now, I know the word epic is beginning to be used quite often but this video is epic. I burst laughing so the camera shakes a bit.

This was a fun party, probably the best of the 3 days.

Dec. 29th
Gary Chan's place to have a pot luck. This was a night of slaps. I believe there were 5 slaps given from slap bets. Do you guys remember Barney's face during Slapsgiving? This picture pretty much sums up that entire scene.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Happy Holidays

Wow its been a while since my last post, not even a week but for some reason it feels longer ("thats what she said"). I thought I would have more time to write blogs now since its the holidays but there hasn't been one day where I just stayed home. Christmas was like any other year, a day with the family, exchanging gifts, playing ps3, playing cranium, eating turkey, eating stuffing, eating cheese cake, pretty much eating a whole bunch of things. Wow, a lot of food! I think I'll gain back all the weight I lost in university this week haha.
Corporal Jake Sully

So for my secret santa gift I left it to last minute. I think I discovered something this holiday, buying clothing for a girl is impossible! Heres a rule I go by. "Buy a shirt too big and it will show you thing the girl is bigger than she actually is, buy a shirt too small and she will think she gained weight from the last time you saw them." Its a lose, lose situation! Haha I kid, it wasn't too horrible buying gifts but the lines ran forever on Christmas Eve (special thanks to Lisa for coming with me to Eatons on Christmas Eve). I got the James Cameron's Avatar game and I can't wait to play it when I get back to Laurier. I'll play the game twice but I'll pick the Na'vi side first just because I want to use all the animals on Pandora.Boxing day shopping went pretty good. I got 1 hour of sleep, left my house before 6, stood in the rain to wait for Sporting Life to open, there were at least 100 people in front of me. All that was fine, except there was one thing I did not expect, Ms. LiCheeMing was in front of me >_____<. No I didn't say hi because she hated me haha, I invented a game in her math class which got like 10 people distracted from their work (not my fault her class was boring). I only got one item from the store, a LaCoste sweater, I think it was worth it.

The holidays has been good so far.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The best of 2009

Its almost the end of 2009 and I think it is in order to post up some of the best fights of the year!

Fight of the Year: Diego Sanchez vs. Clay Guida
People talk about how dominating Diego was in the fight but the reason I gave this the fight of the year is because of Guida. He stayed alive even after a number of clean hits and even a devastating head kick by Sanchez. Their stare down was also one of the most intense ones I've ever seen.

Submission of the Year: Toby Imada vs. Jorge Masvidal
The first reverse triangle choke in the octagon, very impressive.

Knockout of the Year: Dan Henderson vs. Michael Bisping
There were a few knockouts I was thinking about putting up then I remembered Henderson's major KO over the bigmouth Brit. Good job Hendo! you shut his Brit mouth!

Fighter of the Year: Jose Aldo
This was an easy pick for me, with so many big fighters currently injured. Aldo got 4 fights this year. That is pretty much fight after fight without much rest. Whats impressive is he ended them all via TKO and even became the new Featherweight champion when he defeated the the killer Mike Brown.

Best Card of the Year: UFC 100
This was simply a stacked card. And when I say stacked, I mean it. GSP, one of the pound for pound best fighters in the world. Brock Lesnar, the pay per view attraction for any card. Henderson and Bisping finally face each other in the ring. How could this card not make it to fight card of the year??
Biggest Disappointment of the Year: Rampage
After the Jardine fight Rampage said "I WANT MY BELT BACK!!!" What happened to that? Now hes gone from the UFC. Hes saying hes coming back now but it obviously won't happen this year. Rampage vs. Rashad! If the fight doesn't end via KO or if they don't stand and bang with each other, the trash talk would have been useless!MMA Fail of the Year:

Monday, December 21, 2009

Adolescence Racism

What is "adolescence racism?" Its the discrimination against teens from adults. Of course teenagers are not literally a race per say but I just want to show how big of an issue this is.

What made me to make this post is when I went lane swimming last night and I was in the sauna. These two old men were having small talk and I had to easedrop because the sauna room is quite small. The conversation literally went like this. (For simplicity I will give them nicknames)
Surprisingly, these guys actually look very similar to Douchebag and Dickface

Dickface: You know, I never put my wallet and car keys in my locker anymore because of the darn kids. They always break into the lockers and steal your things.

Douchebag: Really? Why do you say that?

Dickface: Oh man, because my brother-in-law put his stuff in there once and those kids just broke in and stole all of his stuff, including his car. After I heard that story I had to take all belongings my with me inside the pool so no one can do that anymore. Its just those damn kids always try to break in and steal stuff.
Now remember, I'm pretty much still a teen, and Dickface kept glancing over at me after he talked shit about kids. I didn't really care what Dickface was saying because he was probably one of those boys who got picked on in high school so now that hes an adult he has an image of all teenagers to be "bad." Of course there are some teens out there who are just awful, but
every group has its bad apples (a horrible metaphor for an underrated issue).
The big story months ago about these eight teenagers in Lakeland, FL beating up one female teen

Dickface may be the reason I wrote this blog but he is not the only one to blame. How many stores have you gone to where they say "Only 2 teenagers in store at once." This is just a prime example of how bad adolescent teens are treated. Can you imagine a sign that said "Max 2 jews in at once"? That store would get closed so fast you wouldn't even be able to finish reading the racist sign.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Goodbye to the Best and Farewell to the Beautiful

I know its almost been a week since the Roy Halladay trade but I still feel saddened from the news. He is the best pitcher in the league and was the only bright side to a falling team. I only watched the Doc pitch once against the Boston Redsox a few years ago and even though we lost the game I still enjoyed watching the best arm in the game pitch. If you want a full blog about this, I recommend reading "The End of an Era" by Hungry Leafs Fan (link in the side bar ->).To be the best does not mean throwing one great game. To be the best means to be consistent at throwing your pitches. Roy Halladay, you are the best pitcher in baseball.

A shock to the UFC world didn't even involve a fighter this week. Logan Stanton and Natasha Wicks were both dropped by the UFC. Natasha has not been big as a ring girl yet but the drop of Logan has made me furious! When I tune in to the UFC I expect to see Arianny and Logan but that won't be happening any more.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Winter Break!

Done first term! I would say its finally over but it didn't seem that long ago when I moved in to Laurier. I am very glad I made it to all my early exams (maybe because I pulled an all nighter so I didn't have to worry about getting up). I don't feel like boring you all with how my exams went so I won't.

So what am I excited for this break?

1) Having the time to play Modern Warfare 2 without worrying about school!

2) Watch, play, and finish James Cameron's Avatar

3) Hang out with family

4) And hangout with friends of course

5) Go downtown for 2010 countdown

There are probably more but I am too tired to think, lack of sleep in the past week. Well, everyone I know hasn't gotten much sleep except maybe Hao Ming. I See on his msn name “slept for 14 hours” wow….. Do you guys remember him telling us he once slept for over 24 hours straight? He claims he went to bed on Thursday and woke up on Saturday and didn’t know he lost an entire day. Is that even possible?!

I'll leave this blog short and get some rest now. I'll definitely be able to update this blog daily now that I'm on my break.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Woody Squad

The Woody Squad. Tiger Wood's mistresses. 14 women. How ever you say it, it just doesn't sound commendable. I think I'll call them the Woody Squad. Its an elite but not really an exclusive club, if you know what I'm saying.
Some of the members of the elite group "The Woody Squad"

I'm glad I didn't post anything about Tiger a week ago because I probably would have said everyone makes a mistake, but wow... 14 (and counting) mistakes... The world's first sport made billionaire wishes hismoney could buy him some privacy, or at least use that money to shut the mouths of some of these women that seem to be coming out everyday. Even before you could say thirteen, the fourteenth mistress came out claiming she also had an affair with Tiger.You know you're in a bad situation if Dana White is on your side. Remember Dana also supported Michael Vick, the man who organized dog fighting. And now he is fully supporting Mr. Tiger Woods.
Douchebags must stick together!

But hey, if you ask me "is the media over playing the story?" Damn right they are, but thats what the media does and thats what Americans like. Hell, Americans would rather hear about another celebrity sandal than here about real news. Maybe all these women were paid by the Obama cabinet so the media wouldn't pay close attention to the 30,000 additional troops being sent oversees Obama signed off to (I'm kidding about the payment of course, I'm Canadian, I have to be an Obama fan).
Horrible timing for the magazine

Do you guys remember what happened around the world when Michael Jackson passed away? All I remember was turning to every channel and hearing about the death. No news, nothing more than where and when the funeral will take place, it was as if the rest of the world stopped because of a death of an icon. I don't mean to pick on MJ but I wanted to point out that all the media cares about is drama.I don't want to say I'm defending a guy who cheated because I know how Elin feels, but the guy was exposed for who he is. The public probably has the right to know Tiger Woods is a douchebag and its fine to talk about the douchebag story, heck even I'm bringing awarness to the story with this blog, but just don't over do it.

Warning: This video is extremely annoying and should not be viewed more than once but I felt such a douchebag move deserved such a douchebag video.

You know what I'm waiting for in this story? I'm waiting for a kid to come out and claim Tiger is his father, that would truly be epic and give me a laugh. Can you say a hat gwai will always be a hat gwai? (Even though hes only half)

Monday, December 14, 2009

An all nighter!

No, I didn't pull the all nighter.

My roommate Shaun did.

No, it wasn't for studying for finals.

It was for something more important than finals.

It was for Modern Warfare 2 -____-

Haha, I was studying for economics and was partly watching him play online. When I went to bed at 4am he was still playing. When I woke up at 8am, he was still infront of the tv playing MW 2. BUT when I got home from breakfast he wasn't playing anymore! But when I returned from my economics final he was playing again..... >___>. Damn, I should have joined him for a game or two.

I'll try my best to post new stuff but its finals week so don't count on it haha.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

YES Cartwheel

Diego's facial bones scare me

Its official the "yes cartwheel" doesn't work! Penn is untouchable at 155.

Any MMA fan would have known BJ was better than Diego in every category but even I was surprised at how badly BJ dominated the fight. In a previous blog I said BJ would win by using his boxing, take down defense, and jiu jitsu. I will now admit I was wrong... He didn't even need his jiu jitsu! Diego's take downs became desperate and when ever you're desperate in the cage, its not a good sign.

Even I questioned BJ's cardio work before but I promise to never do that again. Diego Sanchez and Sean Sherk are 2 of the biggest cardio machines out there and BJ took them apart.
The world's best at 155

I may think Diego is an odd person, but as a fighter, the guy has got heart. He got rocked in the first round and he made all the way till the 5th round. sort of....
"YES! Yes! yes...... aww fuck it... I lost.... NO!"

So whos next? A hard question but its clear no one at 155 suits BJ. Maybe a fight against Jose Aldo? But I don't see that happening. Probably moving up to 170 to face Josh Koscheck or even Jon Fitch to earn a #1 contenders match against GSP again. In my opinion its useless, no one can take down Georges St-Pierre at 170 (literally).

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Roy "Big Belly" Nelson

The Ultimate Fighter just doesn't have the same reputation as before. Its been a week and the new winner, Roy "Big Country" Nelson, still has a lot of haters out there. Even though many of the haters are MMA punks who don't know much about the sport, its still annoying. I have no problem with someone hating a fighter, but to hate them because of their looks is ludicrous. This is mixed martial arts! 2 warriors are in the cage trying to hurt the other person, if you're good looking... you're not going to be for long in the UFC.
That is one big Keg

I've seen people (friends of mine on facebook) saying he can't throw a punch. Hmm.... lets think about that. They said this AFTER he got a KO victory. I don't want to name people but I honestly wanted to comment on it and say "you're retarded."
I didn't know he could jump that high

Fedor Emelianenko is arguably the best pound for pound fighter in the world and in my opinion he is the best heavyweight in the world. He looks like a regular Joe to me. He doesn't have abs, he definitely ain't pretty, so why are people saying Roy Nelson shouldn't be in the UFC just because he doesn't have the body?
You are currently looking at one of the best fighters in MMA history

I am someone who will pick on Roy Nelson for being an incredibly fat fighter, but that doesn't mean I don't respect the guy. If you can fight, you're a fighter and he is definitely a fighter! Whether you have the body of Georges "Rush" St-Pierre or the body of Darrill "Titties" Schoonover is regardless.Nelson's biggest fight was probably against Andrei Arlovski and lets not forget Big Country was also a former IFL champion when he won it in 2007. I'm not saying Roy Nelson is at the top of the food chain and he still has a lot to prove but in my opinion he is a solid fighter. He can give any fighter trouble with that big belly of his.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

UFC 107: Penn vs Sanchez

With 2009 coming to a close I'm hoping for a strong finish by the UFC. I remember 'UFC 92: The Ultimate 2008' was one of the strongest fight cards of the year and UFC 107 sure looks a lot better than its previous 5 shows. "The Prodigy" BJ Penn, the only non-injured champion, will face Diego "Nightmare" Sanchez. As the Ultimate fighter season 1 winner, will Sanchez become champion just as the other winner Forrest Griffin did?
Right: Diego Sanchez

I'm going to say no, not while Penn is still holding the belt. Diego definitely has a chance with his speed and incredible cardio in his favour but how effective is a strong cardio if the fight doesn't go all 5 rounds? BJ's world class boxing, takedown defense, and top jiu-jitsu is what will lead him to his victory this Saturday in Memphis.
Left: BJ Penn

A fight I'm excited about is Florian vs Guida. With 10 of his 11 wins coming from either KOs or submissions, Kenflo is a finisher. I'm not going to lie, when I first watched Clay Guida, I didn't like him. Maybe it was because he was fighting Roger Huerta, but for some reason I just didn't like him as a fighter. I can now say Guida is one of my favourite fighters to watch because he has proved he is one of the most intense fighters in the business with tremendous heart. His last 3 fights all went to decisions but don't let that fool you, he won the fight of the night award 3 times. Hence the reason I've given him the new nickname of Clay "Mr. Fight of the Night" Guida (I think that is a better nickname than "The Carpenter"). I can definitely see this as another fight of the night if it goes the distance but we'll see if Kenflo can finish the madman Clay Guida. I say yes.
Left: Clay Guida - Right: Kenny Florian (blue trunks)

The co-main event is featuring Frank Mir vs Cheick Kongo. Both are big names in the heavyweight division and a big win will push the winner in the circle of Cain Velasquez and Shane Carwin. Which will win? Kongo's extreme ground and pound or Mir's downright killer jiu-jitsu? Maybe its the "Jew-fro" but I'm going to say Mir has a slight advantage even though he talks too much trash when he can't always back it up. I'm not exactly a Mir hater but a part of my wants to see him get his face punched.
With regards to the Jon Fitch vs Mike Pierce I'm not going into details with this fight because I think Jon Fitch is a monster and in my opinion this is the most mismatched fight in the card. I say Jon Fitch will be the one with his hand in the air at the end of the fight. Even though Fitch's fights aren't boring, I want to see him finish the fight this time because his last 5 matches went to the judges.
Jon Fitch

The last fight of the main card is a veteran vs a young, highly skilled, fighter. Paul Buentello vs Stefan Struve is a pretty decent way to start the PPV. Buentello is extremely experienced with fights against Andrei Arlovski and Tank Abbott. Stefan Struve is one crazy fighter, hes only 21 and already has 18 wins under him, with 14 of them coming from submissions. This kid is almost a 7-footer. I'm going to go against the majority of the fans by saying Struve will win the fight. This time I'll pick youth over experience.
Stefan Struve

I have high expectations for UFC 107 simply because the next few cards don't look high quality. Randy Couture vs Mark Coleman? Thats like watching retired WWF superstars returning for a fight at Wrestle Mania!

Question of the day:
Who has the more intense face? Jon Fitch or Stefan Struve?

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Ryan started the fire!

Oh my gosh..... the first time it legitly snows guess what happens, the fire alarm went off! D= I didn't even know that was the fire alarm until my roommate told me to get up, it was just a loud pitched sound. At least it wasn't just a student pulling on the alarm, when I left my room there was a lot of smoke, and I'm on the first floor.I feel a bit mean. So Shaun, Steph, Thomas and I thought Omar wasn't in res so we left as a group without him, but when we went back he told me he came back last night. Haha, first day back and he has to wake up for a fire alarm, that sucks.
So I grabbed my Ipod to listen to outside right before I left, Thomas on the other hand, brought his entire laptop and basically took his time packing -___-. It shows how well we were fire drill trained....My mom always ridiculed me for sleeping in shorts and it sure felt like she was right today. Going outside in shorts when its snowing is NOT fun but I can't be complaining too much because there were 2 girls in short shorts and they must have been freezing.Thank you Jenny for wishing for a snowstorm.

P.S. Happy Birthday Shaun, what a way to celebrate the day.

A win is a win

Its Toronto Huskies night. The Raptors are on a 2 game winning streak. The Raptors are returning to play back home. The Raptors are even facing the second worse team in the NBA! Easy win right? Not when we are the Toronto Raptors.....We shot 32%.... THANK GOD we face the Minnesota Timberwolves! We were 0 for 17 from behind the arch at one point! I was getting pretty scared the Raptors wouldn't be able to make a 3 in the game but Bargnani finally connected from outside with 4:31 left in the fourth. The shot extended Toronto’s NBA-record streak of consecutive games with at least one 3-pointer to 883.Even when everyone else struggles Bosh still ends up with a monster game with another (league leading) double-double. Chris, your youtube videos may not be very funny but you are one hell of a basketball player.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Ultimate Fighter: Season 11

With the close of TUF season 10, the coaches of season were announced. I honestly didn't know who could step in as the coaches because its been 10 long seasons and good coaches are just running dry. They even had to use Rampage twice, a man who should never be a corner man for any fighter!As much as I rip on Dana for being an unethical person, hes a business man. Two former light heavyweight champions will compete as the new coaches! “The Huntington Beach Bad Boy” Tito Ortiz and Chuck “The Iceman” Liddell will coach once again making it their 2nd time coaching each. Liddell was the original coach when he faced Randy Couture and Ortiz coached season 3 against Ken Shamrock.As far as the Liddell vs Ortiz 3 goes, its probably the only fight Chuck could have came back in. In my eyes the man is already retired. He wants to end off his career with a win but Ortiz also needs a win, he hasn't won in over 3 years! Chuck has two wins over Ortiz and a third win would just make it ugly. I'm a fan of both fighters so I don't want to call the results and I can't wait to watch the new season in April.

I agree with you Dennis, I want to see an "I quit match" (WWE) where the person has to say they quit or else the match continues!