Thursday, April 29, 2010


I just got in Waterloo today and I'm sitting in the room where all the UWAC people are preparing for the conference tomorrow. I like seeing people SOO stressed while I'm just watching UFC - TUF on my laptop. Jenny and Jeffrey on behalf of my family I would like to say I'm sorry for allowing my sister to yell so much O__O. Does she always yell like this? My childhood memories are coming back to when she used to yell at me every day. They probably only have 10 hours of sleep in the past 4 days, I feel a bit bad. One girl is sleeping on the table... How hard is my sister pushing them??

Something I'm really excited about is the poker social tomorrow at UWAC. Brap brap, time to win me some dollar dollar bills y'all! (The Sweetest Girl - Akon lyrics)

Lesson learned: Girls take 10x as long in the washroom than the time you expect. I've been waiting for the washroom to be free to use since 1am and its currently 2:12am. I thought my sister's friend (a female) would only take 10 minutes to do her hair but its been over an hour! I want to brush my teeth then sleep!! I have to wake up at 6am tomorrow, let me use the washroom please!

2:25am - Woohoo I finally got to use the washroom. Bad thing about sleeping in a house full girls = they take forever to fix their hair.

Play Aika!

Haoming is trying to convince me to play some new game online called Aika and the conversation went a bit off topic.

-=| нασ мїйg |=- says (1:11 PM):

*its me, gary, and kevin ho atm
*gettin more ppl
Richard says (1:12 PM):
*whos kevin ho
-=| нασ мїйg |=- says (1:12 PM):
*oh, i tot u knew him
*the parties that u went 2 w/ chan
*he's usually always there as well
Richard says (1:12 PM):
*big guy?
-=| нασ мїйg |=- says (1:13 PM):
*1 sec...
*i THINK it was kehao.... but then...., lmfao
-=| нασ мїйg |=- says (1:14 PM):
*well gary said it like i knew him, so i tot it was kehao
*gotta ask gary later
Richard says (1:14 PM):
*what the hell hahaha
-=| нασ мїйg |=- says (1:14 PM):
*who da fck is kevin ho... lmao
*o shit, its not kehao lmfao,
*idk wut i was thinking
*ok, idk who kevin ho is lmfao
Haoming, whether you try to or not, you are one of the funniest guys I know.

Tech Savvy

At 8pm, after I went out to dinner with my dad, I came home to fix my laptop. I had to take it apart to fix the fan but when I tried turning it on after I thought I fixed it the screen didn't work. I tried to find the problem and I just fixed it, at 2am X__X. 6 hours of trying to fix my laptop + blisters on my fingers from the screwdriver, it was worth it because it works now! I was planning to pack up for the UWAC conference today but I guess I'll do that when I wake up. Jenny and Jeffrey make sure I'm not too bored this weekend! (Jokes Jokes please don't tell my sister).

BTW - Lisa, if you ever have any trouble with your laptop you can come to me because I've taken this thing apart and put it back together well over 10 times.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

TAEYANG - WHERE U AT English Version (J.Reyez & Tommy C of IBU)

Finally I've been waiting for this song for 2 weeks! Can't wait until I see Pat Lam and SoRealCru this summer at the Beat Down.

Allan I know you said no one is allowed to say "Where you at" except for Tae Yang but I think J Reyez and Tommy C did a nice English cover for it.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Tito Ortiz beats up Jenna Jameson

Tito Ortiz beats on dudes, like dudes beat on Jenna

Don't mess with Tito Ortiz people, he may not be manly enough to fight Chuck but he'll glove up with his long time girlfriend Jenna Jameson. That's exactly what he did and unfortunately that makes him the douchebag of the day. But of course, many people believe he's a douchebag every day. Tito walks at around 220 pounds while Jenna has to be under 100 pounds, talk about an unfair weight advantage!

Anyone who knows me would know I'm a fan of Tito but how can I justify this action?? All jokes aside no woman should be hit. Unless she was warned…. But seriously, she needs to have a gun or at least have some sort of device that can call upon the A-Team when Tito goes on the fritz.

BTW - If you don't understand the joke under the picture Jenna is a pornstar so ha ha....

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Back in Markham

Finally back in Markham. A day of playing basketball + frisbee with Jonathan and Canny at Highgate. We threw the frisbee on the roof but it was no problem for Canny to get it down with some PARKOUR!After some sports we thought it was time to get Haoming and you have to check out his new hair. Its like a Taeyang hair cut with a bit of Frank Mir's Jew fro. Poor Haoming he was the first one eliminated every game we played. You can't see it here but Haoming was wearing a leather biker jacket. Nothing wrong with that, I thought it was pretty slick but he is the first person I've seen who tried to pull of a rocker/biker look with a pink shirt. Aldo vs. Faber = best WEC card I've ever seen. Maybe that was why it was on Pay-per-view but all WECs should be for free! Went to Puck n Wings to watch the fight and the wings I got were hot as hell. After a few wings I would drink an entire cup of my sprite and ask for a refill. It was so funny because some of the customers wanted to watch hockey playoffs while some wanted to watch basketball playoffs and of course the majority wanted to watch the fight. Don't go to the bar on a fight night if you don't want to watch the fight!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Farwell first year

Well, I've seen everyone put it on facebook on how they are done exams for the past week and I was extremely jealous. But at least I get to say it now brap brap. The things I'll miss the most are the close friends I've made this year. I'm the type of person who likes to be known to many but friends to few. Probably because I forget someone's name like 5 minutes after I meet them. I probably don't remember the names of half (if not more) the people I've met this year but the good thing is I remember their faces so maybe I'll get lucky and guess their names next year when I see them again.

It was only Shaun and I at my res for the past 2 days and Shaun left earlier than me today so I was the last one out. What did that mean? It meant I had to play the nice guy and clean up the apartment before I left T_T. Oh well, some one had to do it.It took me about 5 trips outside to get rid of all of this!

The only thing I didn't clean up was Stevie's mess. About a week ago he put a glass bottle in the freezer which cracked (dumbass) so I told him to clean it up. I thought he did until I opened the drawer.Wow, how inconsiderate can someone be??

Ps. I will miss Omar and Shaun, no homo. I will not miss Stevie, he is homo.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Battery powered shoes

Dumb action of the Day
Today's dumb action winner goes to a man at Toronto's Pearson International Airport. Alarm bells were set off when he tried walking through security — specifically a series of concealed metal plates and batteries were in his shoes. The man was detained, taken to a nearby police station and questioned for five hours. The incident drew the interest of Peel Regional Police, the RCMP and INSET, Canada's integrated national security enforcement team.

But instead of concealing bomb-making equipment, police said the man was simply trying to appear taller. He used a series of batteries and plates to make himself appear taller. Essentially, they were homemade lifts.

How bad economic times are we in that we need to make homemade lifts?! Going to the airport with batteries and metal parts in your shoe is like walking into a bank with a money bag sign, you just know something bad is going to happen. And for that reason, this is the dumb action of the day.

Its Haoming's 19th birthday today. I love how one second everyone is doing their own thing and right after Jonathan msged people telling them its Haoming's Bday everyone suddenly puts it on their msn name. Oh instant msging, how I love it. I did feel a bit bad for not remembering his birthday but Haoming sure knows how to make me feel better.
Good job Haoming
Last year I think we forgot it was his birthday until the next day. Today we remembered at 8pm. This is a great sign, we are improving. Shout out to Jonathan for telling us all.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Forgotten cellphone

I use my cellphone as my alarm clock so when I was about to sleep at 1:00am I looked all around my house for it. Then after 5 minutes of flipping my room upside down I decided to call my phone to see where it was. I faintly hear my cellphone ring near my garage so I opened it. Then I finally remembered I played basketball with Jonathan that day and I brought my cellphone outside.Yes, I left it outside for 7 hours. Its a good thing I don't live in Scarborough, that thing would have gotten stolen within a few seconds there.

BTW. What a special day, its 4/20 today! I hope you guys have fun. Not that I know what that is of course....

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Shitty Strikeforce

Let me just say I believe Strikeforce will one day become bankrupt for its lack of marketing strategy, but until then, it is still a decent alternative to the UFC. Oh and let me clear this up because I talk about mixed martial arts quite often and not everyone understands.

>MMA = mixed martial arts
>UFC = ultimate fighting championship
>TUF = the ultimate fighter - A reality show by the UFC where the winner gets a contract with the UFC
>UFC and Strikeforce are companies of MMA just like how the NBA is a league for basketball

One thing I absolutely love about Strikeforce is how its always for free on CBS. And this past Saturday they had some great headlines on their card. Of course some of the fights were a bit boring (Mousasi vs. King Mo) and some were just disappointing (Aoki).There were many reasons I didn't enjoy watching this card. Of course I can't believe Henderson lost (boo!) but the brawl with Jason Miller at the end was uncalled for. Fight in the ring like professionals, not some 12 year old kids!

Friday, April 16, 2010


On Monday April 12, 2010 EC140 at Wilfrid Laurier University had its final exam. Yes it was a bit difficult I guess but I didn't find it as a super killer exam, perhaps a bit unfair though. I went on our economics website where students can post on the forums and I died laughing at this.
The first post after the exam.
And here is the first response to this suck up post.I died laughing here because it was quite an unfair exam. If you didn't know what a bell curve was its when the course average gets brought up. After these 2 posts, there were over 50 responses and here are some other funny posts.This is some what of an inside joke because many of our exam questions were based like this where there were a lot of fill in the blanks and the answers just didn't make sense!
I guess you would only understand this joke if you understand economics. Yes it is a nerdy joke but look at who posted it. Only an Asian would make a joke like this on the forum.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Bon Voyage Bosh?

Not saying he will end up on the Lakers but will we see him on another team next year? I hope not!

In the beginning of the season Raptors fans were hopeful. I was hopeful. And now we are let down by another fallout. Remember the month of February? We were talking about going for a run to get 4th place in the East! I was talking about being 10 games over .500! But some how we went on a 9-19 run after the All-Star break. Horrible.

Sigh, who do we blame?
-We can say it was Turkoglu's half shitty season.
-Carmelo Anthony's buzzer beater.
-Chris Bosh's missed lay up against Golden State.
-Larry Brown for not playing Jackson and Wallace their full minutes.

The list goes on. Point is we aren't in the playoffs. We probably would have got swept by the Cavs but I would still paid to watch Lebron serve up the Raps.
Put me in coach, I'll get the Raptors into the playoffs

Big talk now is will Bosh return next year? Sonny Weems thinks so but I have my doubts. Not because I don't think Bosh is a team player but because I think he wants to be on a competitive team that can bring him to the finals and unfortunately the Raptors isn't the best option for that.

Something in my head is telling me the NBA set it up so the Raps don't make it in the 8th seed. Think about it.
-It seemed as if just as the season was coming to an end, a player would get injured every game (Antawn Jamison breaking Chris Bosh's nose).
-Lebron played the Raptors but decided to rest on the Chicago game.
-And Boston... oh Boston, the amount of hatred I have for you is limitless. Pierce, you suck. Garrnett, "Anythings possi...*SLAP TO THE FACE*" - 2008 finals (If you don't understand this joke don't consider yourself a basketball fan) And of course Rashad Wallace, he wanted Chicago to win so bad he decided to score on his own bucket. I HATE YOU BOSTON!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


What is it? In simple terms its some what like Skype but with random people across the world.

I see it one day being a profitable website but it has a long way to go.
Yes, pantsless perverts are definitely the biggest problem.

I see myself using this with friends and having a laugh on it. Other than that I don't see myself using it alone. I don't want to be like Stan (South Park joke. Season 14). One of the best parts to this site is it was created by a 17 year old Russian kid. I always love great innovative ideas and this is definitely one of them.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Hard work leads to success

I've always believed in the philosophy of hard work will result with success in life. Of course I'm not naive and I know not everything falls into this category.

Like many of you in university I've been doing nothing but study for finals for the past week. Most of my roommates have been doing so too except for one gay exception, figurative and literal meaning intended. In my opinion some people are 'naturally' more book smart than other people, and other people work harder in school to close the disadvantage gap.

I say this because I'm wondering if Stevie (Jenny's nickname for him) is naturally smart. Now that exams are here he does nothing but play his ps2. He plays it from morning until he sleeps, no exaggeration because he even plays when I want to watch the Raptor games. I've never seen him with a textbook in hand for the entire year so is he naturally smart? He left his assignment on the table once and I opened it. He got 13/15, not bad right? Its a 87% He must be naturally smart! But then I flipped the rubric and saw what the assignment was... His assignment was to draw and colour Ontario. What The Heck..... What kind of program is he in?? I did tougher assignments in elementary school!
And people wonder why us BBA students think we are better than the rest of the school...

I guess what I'm getting at here is some people (like Stevie) do nothing in life and get away with it. It will catch up with him (Because he's not even in a professional program! And I know in 10 years I'll be in my executive office while he is still drawing pictures of Canada). So just thought this story will motivate you or at least make you laugh. Don't be like Stevie, work hard.

Monday, April 12, 2010

I hate you Brad! - pt 2

And she is back. From hilarious revenge to plain psycho? Yes, I think so."Hey! What are you doing?"
"Ah shit..."

Saturday, April 10, 2010

UFC 112: Invincible

Any time 2 titles are on the line you know its a special occasion.

Silva vs. Maia
The man known as the best pound for pound vs. arguably the best jiu-jitsu practitioner in the the world. Although Maia has the sickest BJJ in the UFC I have to congratulate the the New Jersey fans who boo.ed GSP at UFC 111. (I hate when the crowd boo.s at a UFC fight when someone is using BJJ, stupid rednecks, this is mixed martial arts not street fighting 101). I doubt Silva will allow this fight to touch the ground and even if it does I don't see Maia being able to hold him down for long. I hope this fight goes better than the Thales Leites failure. I see Anderson winning the belt but I say its going to go to the judges sadly.

Penn vs. Edgar
A closer fight than the other title match but its tough to go against BJ Penn. One of the best lightweight champions of all time has great boxing backed up with amazing takedown defense. Oh yeah, did I mention, his BJJ is incredible too. I'm a fan of Franky Edgar because he was an underdog for so many of his fights and who doesn't love to cheer on the underdog? A lot of people have this fight going to BJ but I like Edgar's match up to Penn. Could we see a new LW champion? If we do, Franky Edgar would be the one to dethrone the champ.

Hughes vs. Gracie
I love Gracie Jiu-Jitsu but GJJ's time has passed. This is the new MMA and Gracie Jiu-Jitsu no longer has the same effect as it did when the UFC first started. I give this fight to Matt Hughes hands down.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Jason Williams Scores Two 3-Point Shots in 3 Seconds

By the time you finish reading this Jason Williams would have scored two 3-pointers. With the Raptors on the brink of the playoffs I hope to see Orlando in the finals. Go D12!

Thursday, April 8, 2010


What the heck is Jassarism? Its the rule of thought you gain after being taught by Mr.Jassar at Milliken Mills High School.

Yes, he may not be the most socialable person nor can you understand a word he says, and yes, his mood swings come from time to time but I'm thankful for being his student on 2 occasions (Grade 11 functions and relations & Grade 12 Calculus). Now that my math course in Laurier is over I can officially say I didn't open my math textbook once. A great deal of this achievement was due to Jassar's will to push us on mathematical problems back in grade 12.

One of the main things I remember from Calculus is Jassar giving us a huge booklet on optimization where every question got more difficult. X__X Man, a lot of people helped me get through those stuff especially Jeffrey and it really paid off now. (<---Thanks Jeffrey)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Starcraft 2 Beta Break Up

"I HATE YOU BRAD!" Real or not I think this is hilarious.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Come Back [Ahmir] - Jason Chen

Another independent song that I think is pretty good. There are a lot of versions out there since its a contest so some people might enjoy Lil Crazed's cover better. In my opinion Jason Chen will probably win it. 5/5 on the great lyrics.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Nothing on Chick Fil A (B.o.B ft. Bruno Mars - Nothing on You)

A really random song about Chick-Fil-A but I think it has a good beat to it. David Choi is exceptionally talented and my favourite original song from him is still "Won't even start." I'm trying to learn it but the chords are so darn difficult!
I'm pretty into independent music these days so maybe thats why I like the song. I like this version better than the original.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

iPad Jailbroken

Congratulations Steve Jobs, your iPad has officially been jailbroken within 24-hours. The iPad has been jailbroken and can currently run an SSH server. The 3.2 firmware still has a number of security holes which allowed the iPhone Dev-Team to break it using the iPhone 3.1.3 hack.

I don't intend to buy the iPad just because my current lifestyle doesn't require an iPhone on steroids, but if I did want one I still wouldn't purchase it now. The current owners are pretty much beta testing it for the world, and on top of that, it doesn't even have 3G capabilities yet! Talk about a lack of technology in a revolutionary device! What I would like to see the next generation have is a webcam on the top of its screen so people can Skype with it. I see that being much more useful in the modern life (and plus everything is better with a camera attached to it).

P.s. Jaime, you're the only person I know who would even consider purchasing the iPad now. I hope you get it so I can come over to check it out.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Kim Po Vietnamese Cuisine

Location: 4/5
Kim Po Vietnamese Cuisine is located at 58 Redlea Ave which is right across from Pacific Mall at Kennedy Rd and Steeles Ave. My dad kept telling me he wanted to take me there to try because he thought it was the best pho place in the area. Location wise I couldn't agree more. It's extremely conventent for me to eat there since I live so close to Pacific Mall.

One thing I would change is the building size. The restaurant is always filled because its quite small. I don't even think there is a washroom for the customers (not too sure, never checked). Parking is difficult with only a few limited spaces all the time. The building may have a few problems but as of the location itself, its perfect.Taste: 4.5/5
The unique quality this restaurant brings is its soup. Most pho restaurant's soup taste decent but you know its filled with MSG. Kim Po's soup is a healthier choice and I actually feel like drinking it while eating my noddles. To not ruin the soup I never put a drop of sweet sauce in the actual soup so I can drink some of it at the end.

The beef is always fresh and they add plenty of tripe which I appreciate. They also give huge pieces of lime which I know sounds like a small factor but I love adding lime to my soup and its the attention to detail this restaurant brings that makes it the best around.

Value: 3.5/5
The large Beef and Tripe noodle soup was $6.85 before tax which is the normal rate. Nothing too special about the price. In my opinion Pho88's XL is bigger than Kim Po's XL but its about quality not quantity!

Verdict: 4 Chuck Norris cards out of 5
Kim Po is the only Vietnamese restaurant I know that is not owned by a Chinese family. Actual Viet people owning a Viet cuisine, yeah I know, shocking. Great experieces there with my dad last week and this week with Canny, Jonathan, and Haoming. For its location and quality of soup, Kim Po gets 4 Chuck Norris cards out of 5.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Toronto Marlies

There may be no Dion Phaneuf but Marlies games are still fun to watch. Unfortunately we ran into a Ryan Miller like goalie on the Manitoba Moose team tonight. But at least we didn't get shutout! This game reminds me when I was on the varsity baseball team. The other team would be owning us and they would have a no-hitter against us but somehow every game we score at least one run in the bottom of the last inning.
A hockey game just isn't the same without a bit of fighting. The videos a bit short because the fight came out of no where and it took a while to get the camera out.We had the lounge seats at the top which was a great view and the food was super yummy (yes thats right, it was so good I used the term 'yummy').One thing that was not great was the beer. Hockey and beer go hand-in-hand but this was the most nasty beer I've ever drank. It tasted like heineken but a whole lot worse after taste. Jonathan and I couldn't even finish our cans because of the horrible kick it had.We may have lost 3-1 tonight but I thought the night went pretty well. I needed a night like this for a while. Overall, great game.

P.s. Thanks Jonathan for the awesome pictures and videos.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Prankster

I walked past the parking lot when I was going to my class today and saw every other car with a balloon taped to the wheel so when the driver backs up the balloon will pop and the driver will think they blew a tire.

Prank gone wrong: My friend told me these girls filled a garbage can with water and leaned it against his door, then knocked on the door, and when he opened it the water spilled everywhere on his floor. I guess this prank is a bit over the line but the most funny part is his Xbox was on the ground! (Maybe not so funny for him)

Some funny pranks today, some not so much. Next year I'll think of something to pull on my roommates don't worry.

*Sad day today, "Just stay strong if you feel you wanna cry just look to the sky keep ya head up high"*