Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Ronaldo spits at cameraman

After Portugal's loss Ronaldo was upset he lost against his Rivals. Real classy Ronaldo... Real classy.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Space Bound

I'm a space-bound rocketship and your heart's the moon
And I'm aimin' right at you
Right at you
250, 000 miles on a clear night in June
And I'm aimin' right at you
Right at you
Right at you

My goal is to learn how to play this song on my guitar by next week! "Space Bound" - Eminem

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Weekends - "You're Ugly!"

OKAY! I have to remember to always bring my camera around with me on weekends because if I don't take a picture of it I either forget about what happened or I just don't want to write about it since there's no visual aid. *Thanks to the people who sent me pictures*
Taste of Asia 2010

I didn't have work on Friday, thank you G20, the only thing you are good for is making me skip work. When Jon and I left the gym on Friday we saw Lisa and she said she had to walk home. So I was kind enough to lend her my bike while I jogged.Jonathan and I went to see Bosco, Vivien, and Grace at Splendid China after and I have to say, it was pretty boring. And wth was Bosco wearing? A poncho?
Notice the Brazil flag falling? Its a sign!!!

Then it was finally Taste of Asia on Saturday but Bosco took forever to come out. And when he pulled something out of R.Kelly's books and brought a girl on to the stage. I guess he didn't have many girls to choose from....Who said Bosco is gay? Not meAfter TOA we were all starving and we went to go KBBQ. The best highlight of the weekend has to be when Jonathan randomly opened the window in the car and shouted "YOU'RE UGLY!!" out at the most random people. Its more funny coming from him because you just don't expect it.After KBBQ we went to Matthew's house to play a bit of MJ. We barely played because we were all so tired.
Lisa do you want to play Mahjong?Sunday I got to eat dinner with my family for my birthday since my sister was back from Waterloo. The waitress said she would let me get a beer but I said NO! I need to get it when I'm officially 19! If I don't buy alcohol on June 30th since its a weekday, I'll get some for sure on July 3rd at UFC 116.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Fifa 2010 - Top 16 picks

Right or wrong, I hope Argentina wins.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Xbox Generation

The Original Xbox. Super bulky, super annoying to move around. It was first designed as a console aimed towards adults. Oh how I miss the white and black buttons.... I remember the white button was to speak on Xbox live. If you had small hands, that was pretty much impossible unless you had 3 hands. The first controllers were not greatly designed. And the console was more like a brick than a box.
The Xbox 360. A huge upgrade from the original Xbox. The clean white look made it look awesome. The Xbox button in the middle of the controller was a great addition. Before the console came out I kept wondering what the middle button would be able to do. I kept telling myself "maybe its the ultimate attack button where you can only press it when you get the nuke in Modern Warfare!"The Xbox Elite. The console reformatted to end the deadly "Red Ring" curse all Xbox owners are afraid to see. The 120gb harddrive made it much easier to save multiple games without the concern for harddrive space. You can debate whether the white or black looked better but in my opinion they both look sharp.Some call it the Slim, some call it the stealthbox, and other just call it the "new" xbox 360. What ever you call it, its another upgrade. Super quiet with only 1 fan. I can finally hear myself swear on Modern Warfare! I like the nice chrome touch just because I like shinny things. 250gb harddrive. I probably don't need that much space but its always nice to have. It costs just $299 so its the same as the Elite before.


The Xbox systems pretty much brought me up as a kid. I would play it for hours and it is probably the reason why I did terrible in grade school. I love it.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


For those who missed the earthquake today, its okay it wasn't much. Just imagine if Hao Ming was shaking his leg beside you. That's what it felt like to me. If Canny was here at my work he would shout out "Hao Ming stop shaking your *explicit* leg!!!"

A co-worker just told we he was in the washroom when this happened... Poor guy. (I laughed really loud when he told me)

Monday, June 21, 2010

Weekends - Team Punishment

I find I get more accomplished during the weekends because that's the only time I can go out with friends. On Friday I was planning to go straight home after work but Jaime Vincent and Christian called me out to go watch the Jays game that night. We walked around Queen St until the game and it was pretty fun hanging out with my old elementary school friends. We went to so many stores but my favourite would have to be the place with all the Supra shoes. I wanted a purple pair of Supras so badly but it costs $160!! Too much for me ><. The Jays game was decent. Our seats were high up but right behind home plate so we had a good view. After the game we walked around downtown until 12am. I'm sure we would have stayed longer but I wasn't 19 so we couldn't get into any clubs. Sorry guys, just another week and a half! When we Go bussed back to Unionville I had 2 choices, either crash over at Jaime's house or jog back home at night. I jogged... but it wasn't raining so I'm grateful for that.
Saturday was a bit of a fail. I suited up for dinner. Go a text from Eva saying dinner was canceled. Then I suited down >__<. With something bad, comes something good. Since Eva's dinner didn't work out we went to Gary Chan's place to drink and party a bit.
He said it was a late bday thing for Canny and an early bday thing for me but it was more to just hang out with friends. Plus, beer pong is always fun. "1, 2, 3... PUNISHMENT!" - Team Punishment
You can't tell from this photo but Jonathan had a lot of fun. And as you can tell from this photo Matthew did have a lot of fun.

I barely slept that night because I got back home at 8am. But Jonathan got it worse. He had work at 10am. That's why Jonathan, you are the BAMF of the day. I would have just called in sick but you took it like a man and went to work.
Its the J-R-E-Y-E-Z (I'm so lame...)
Also. Met up with J. Reyez on Saturday too. Right before going to Gary's house.

Sunday we went to visit Bak Gong and Gong Gong. Christine was still in Waterloo so our entire family still hasn't gone to visit Gong Gong together >_> She's always too busy! Well, the rest of the kids made dinner on Father's day (Mostly Marianna).
You're only as good as you're tools
Bacon wrapped asparagus by Dennis (Tsang)
Homemade strawberry cheesecake by Dennis (Troung? <-- haha)

I slept very little this weekend and I'm at work right now (I'm very tired). I think I will try logging each of my weekends this summer. Boring or not I'll try doing it each week. Sorry if some of my weekend are boring in advance!!

Friday, June 18, 2010

"Drill Baby Drill!"

Move over George Bush, there's a new republican embarrassment in town. Well, she's not exactly new, but I think her recent events just reveals how retarded she actually is. Sarah Palin was blaming the Obama government for using the oil spill to raise energy prices. Yes, that is true I agree with her, for once... But then she gets asked what she would do to stop the BP oil spill, and she said "nothing, absolutely nothing." Really Sarah?? Is thats your final answer? Then later she goes on Twitter and tweets "'Drill, baby, drill' now made more sense than ever." Oh God.... some one put a cork in her mouth!

Sarah Palin is worse than the fat kid who gets picked last in gym class. At least that kid can kick a simple ball in the right direction. Sarah Palin is just causing damage to her own image and the reputation of the republicans that its like shes scoring into her own net. Oh well, its not like I mind it. Sometimes watching the fat kid in gym class play ball is funny.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Waterloo Roid-rriors (2)

Most people have now heard about University of Waterloo’s decision to shut down its football program due to a steroid scandal involving 9 of the 62 players on the team. Its tough to take this information in because you hear about steroid uses in the MLB or NFL but for young adults (18-22) to use them in university play is simply too much. Yes, its competitive college football but is it THAT competitive that players need to use steroids?? Next you will see high school students on the same performance enhancing drugs!

You know what? People might say UW was too tough on their football program by shutting it down for a year but it sends a strong message to the kids out there the harsh punishments for cheating. BUT,even as I say this I can’t deny the fact what the university did is unfair. 9 students may have tested positive for steroid abuse but 52 didn’t. Where are those kids going to go now? They could transfer right? Sadly, many of them can not because of Waterloo’s unique specialized programs where most of their credits can not be transferred over to other schools.

The bottom line is in my opinion the University of Waterloo’s decision is unfair to the students who did not test positive for steroids BUT it had to be done. A message had to be sent across the league that Waterloo does not take cheating lightly. It will probably take several years (if they ever) before the University of Waterloo can rebuild its team to its full strength again. I guess only time will tell.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The New Guy

Yay, I’m finally not the “new guy” @ work because today a new person came in. Bad part is he took my desk >__> because he needed training from the guy beside me so I had to move 1 seat over. Which isn’t too horrible or anything except the computer I moved to sucks! And you know when you spill coke on your keyboard and it gets all sticky? Well, I got that on this keyboard T__T. I might just come in to work early tomorrow to switch the computers….

Ps. I got my 1st paycheck here, Brap!

5:55pm - What the heck? Its almost time for me to get off work so I was just on Yahoo and for the first time I clicked the Horoscope page and it told me:

"Just because you have money now doesn t mean you always will. Plan for your future."

Wow, this is just weird o_O

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Waterloo Roid-rriors

Waterloo's entire football team suspended for steriod abuse?? Say whatttt

Monday, June 14, 2010

"Ngor hei gay"

This has got to be the funniest bus video since Vietnam Tom! If I saw this kid I think I wouldn't be mad, I would be laughing too hard! And btw, does he said "ngor hei gay" at the end? I can't make it out.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

All for the Relationship

Alright so last night Canny, Jon, and I went to Puck n Wings to watch UFC 115. We saw a couple also watching the fight in front of us but the girlfriend was falling asleep. Canny said something along the line of "See, this is why girls shouldn't watch UFC." And being the guy I am, I had to disagree and I said "The girlfriend should go watch UFC with her boyfriend." So we both said we would write a short blog on each of our sides. Read them both, leave a comment on whether you agree or disagree =)

Yes, I say girls should watch the UFC with her bf. Why? Its not because I think girls enjoy watching people fight on TV but because I think couples (the guy or the girl) should get involved with their significant other's interests. Do you think boyfriends enjoy going shopping to carry their girlfriend's newly bought clothes? Probably not... but they do it for their gf and for the relationship to spend time with each other. And this goes both ways. The girlfriend was obviously bored watching the UFC fight but I found it really sweet how she went with her bf even if she knew it would be so boring. In my opinion, doing things to please your significant other is what a relationship is all about and this is why I think gfs should watch UFC fights with her bf if that's what he is interested in.

Now, in saying this, I just wanted to state I'm not going to force my future girlfriend to watch the UFC with me. If she really dislikes the violence, I will respect that and understand that the UFC isn't for everybody. All I'm saying is girls should go to simply spend time with her boyfriend.

Link to Canny's post: http://that-guy-you-know.blogspot.com/2010/06/wang-vs-chong.html

Whether you agreed or disagreed you heard my opinion, so let me hear yours in the comments below.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

【Mario】paper stop motion

Us kids in North America learn about World War 2, Shakespeare, and simple addition. The regular school stuff. Japan on the other hand learns how to create awesome viral videos. No wonder their education system is ahead of ours >__>

Friday, June 11, 2010

Obama is boring

Barack Obama has inspired millions across the world, but I guess this kid just isn't interested >_>

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Home field Advantage

Its a shame Team Canada isn't in the World Cup because we would have the advantage of playing on Canadian soil. No joke, the grass that's going to be in Johannesburg and at dozens of other practice fields in South Africa was grown in Winnipeg Manitoba.

So enough about Team Canada, or the lack of it. Lets talk about USA vs. England on June 12th (this Saturday). There are many Canadians who are cheering on Team 'Not USA', where they just don't want to see the Americans winning. But hey, who cares! Maybe if we didn't win the gold medal game during the Olympics I would still be bitter against our rivals.

Just like the entire World Cup, I honestly don't care who takes this game or the tournament. First, I'm not a huge soccer fan, actually, I'm not even close to one. Second, I just want to watch strong teams face one another in competitive matches.

BTW - Writing blogs during work is fun and distracting (Y)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Moral Komat

*The video is a bit gruesome, you've been warned*
I hope this movie is real. I loved playing Mortal Kombat as a kid. Scorpion was always my favourite character! Actually, to be honest, Subzero might have been. They are both cool.

Monday, June 7, 2010

The Proposal

I think it would be impossible to say no to this.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Can I play with your iPad?

I remember on Friday Haoming put on his msn name "Slept for 14 hours and still feeling tired @_@" Like, are you kidding me? I slept for 5, went to work for 10, came back and went to the gym for a couple of hours! RAWR! I think I've learned to appreciate the weekends much more because work is tiring... I love it, its just I hate waking up at 6:30am

On Friday I met the two bosses of my company, Don and Debra. I was actually excited to meet them because Debra is the one who gave me my job and I made sure she knew I appreciated it. Don was at his desk playing with his iPad and I wanted to ask if I could see it but yeah... that would be so unprofessional and probably a bit weird so I wisely decided not to ask haha.

Saturday Afternoon I went to stc to buy more dress shirts for work. At night I went to play pool at mix2. It was so jokes. There was 1 table left and a group of asian guys was in front of Canny and I. Canny zooms passed the fobs and get the last pool table open and all the guys were like "Aww man, wah the fack man!"

You know what I noticed? Canny and I make a great team. Maybe its because we face each other a lot in pool so we know the shots each other can make but I find we both get better when we are on the same team. I think we were undefeated yesterday? Some how it was 2am when we were done playing at the arcade. I think thats the latest I've seen Lisa out haha. Good weekend but its Sunday, meaning its Monday tomorrow >__> Another week of work!

Friday, June 4, 2010

In the Ghetto

This year’s ride to prom was through a school bus. That's truly epic. I remember during my prom we took a picture in front of our limo. So does this mean these kids took a picture in front of their yellow bus? If so, some one please show me !

-Damn, I went on facebook to get this prom picture and those were some good memories guys. Its sad so much has changed ><

Thanks Jon for the photo.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

I hate the rain

Its the 3rd day of work and maybe I should have posted something earlier but everyday its just been: Getting back home from work at about 8pm, eating dinner, passing out on the couch, waking up at 11pm, check emails/ go on msn, sleep at 12am.

First day of work was pretty exciting. I met the accounting department, the law department, and the HR department. Of course they all seemed very nice, except they are all older than me by decades! Like, I think the 2nd youngest person there is the receptionist and she's 26. I remember the first day she asked me "Hey, so did you just graduate?" I'm like "I just finished first year university =)" Then she gave me this weird look O__o because I'm guessing she thought I graduated university. Do I look that old?? I hope not!

Second day of work was a lot worse. I had to walk to union from my work which is about a 15 minute walk. It was raining, but I had an umbrella. Problem solved right? NO ! Stupid puddles on the streets + cars zooming by me = Richard soaked on the sidewalk. It was like getting hit by the Timberwolf Falls ride at Wonderland. Also, the last train leaves Union at 6:30pm and I literally just made it. I had two choices: 1) Jump on the train with outtime stamping my ticket and risk getting caught 2) Time stamp my ticket but not make it on the train. I chose the first one and was praying they didn't check. They checked.... I was just like crappppp. I told them the truth and how I just made it and that it was my first day of work (it was actually my second though har har). The lady gave me a warning. PHEW!

I would add pictures in this blog but it would just be weird if I took out my camera and I take pictures of everything at work. Plus, my company deals with confidential information about other companies so I'm sure my boss wouldn't be happy with me taking pictures.

I walked to Chinatown and ate pho today during lunch. Yum.

Oh yeah, I'm very excited for tomorrow because its casual Friday and I sort of ran out of dress shirts.... ha ha... I need to go shopping this weekend and get more formal wear ><