Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Undergraduates vs. The 12year old

Throughout the year my psychology professor mentioned how his daughter was extremely gifted. Shes 12, meaning she is in grade 8 going into high school next year. One day she asked her dad if she can write our midterm exam and his response was "Of course but if you do I want you to actually work hard on it and study for it." Surprisingly she passed all 4 tests which I found to be amazing because psychology is no easy course. I find it especially difficult just because I'm a BBA student and I'm used to balance sheets and cashflow statements instead of biological terms such as Valium, Xanax, and Buspar. Whats even more shocking is his daughter, the 12 year old girl, beat about half the class on our last midterm. Its either we didn't study hard enough or this girl is studying too much.

I guess my prof told us this story because he wanted to motivate the class. Who the heck wants to remember psychology as the class a 12 year old girl beat them on the final exam? I know that story motivated me to study but when I come to think about it, competing with a grade 8 child is quite depressing. But hey, at least I'm not competing with 5th graders.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Xin's Dragonboat

Xin you know I love the whole Dragon Boat thing and I'll probably join my school's team next year just to compete with you. In saying that, this photo just made me laugh. No homo.
I think this is your cheer.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

A little help from Mr. T

So close yet so far from winning a big crossword. If I had got the letter T I would have gotten 7 words. Without it, I only had 1. I was so happy when I got the letter E. I had all the vowels but U in there!I was hoping my pick would be lucky but maybe I need to find another pick to scratch my crosswords.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

UFC 111: St Pierre vs. Hardy

Fight Predictions:

GSP vs. Hardy - TKO stoppage by ground and pound in the 3rd round. The Canadian vs. the Brit, its time to show them what we are made of!

Mir vs. Carwin - Close fight. I'm not a fan of Frank Mir but I don't see Carwin being able to pull this fight off. If Carwin wants to stand he will get out-boxed. If Carwin takes Mir down, prepare to see some tapping out. Mir was right when he said "Carwin has to pick his poison on where he wants to lose."

Fitch vs. Saunders - Fitch. Shame it couldn't be Fitch vs. Alves. Fitch better not let this fight go to the judges or I will officially leave the Jon Fitch club (not that I was a big fan of his in the first place).

Thursday, March 25, 2010

George Bush likes clean hands

No one likes to have their hands dirty. Who can say they have never wiped their hands on someone before!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Dropkick their lights out

Wow I just found out my house back in Markham got broken into today. You know its bad economic times when there are robberies in Markham, that kind of stuff is usually left in scarborough. My mom came home today and found the door pried open. I guess the bright side is nothing seems to have been stolen. My neighbor went outside as they broke in and I guess they got scared and left before they had any time to take anything. (Go neighbors!) There are two ways I can look at this.

1) Its horrible that my house got broken into, or
2) My family is very fortunate nothing seems to have been taken, but more importantly no one was home at the time

I'd much rather think of this with the latter thought because my grandma is coming back home this weekend from HK. If this happened next week she would have been home and I don't even want to think what would have happened if she was home. Like, she would have probably dropkicked those darn suckers and put their lights out.Here are the descriptions of the 2 robbers given by my neighbor: "A tall black male and another man who can only be described as Iraqi"

Saturday, March 20, 2010

MSN talk

This blog is more for me to ask questions rather than me giving advice. I've just always wondered how much is msging someone too much on msn? Like, if a guy meets a girl and he really likes talking to her daily and he is always the one msging her first. When does it get to the point where he msges her too much? Of course if the girl likes the guy she wouldn't mind him msging her but imagine she doesn't him and his msges become annoying.

I have some friends where I usually send the first msg but I never care just because we are such good friends and I know they don't mind talking to me (I hope). This is because we are such good friends now but I thought about when we just met. I'm sure we didn't talk so much and I would feel weird always sending the first msg on msn.

I guess I've found myself in this situation plenty of times (maybe not to an extreme extent). Of course you can comment on what you think on this situation, I would love to hear other people's opinions, but I wrote this blog more as a general issue I run into from time to time.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Don't get my shoes dirty

Its funny how Laurier can completely change within a day or two. On Wednesday literally where ever you walked everyone was wearing green. And I don't mean just a green shirt, a lot of people were wearing green shirts, hats, pants, and some people even had green shoes. I was walking to my business class at 1pm and people were already drinking, I personally don't like drinking that early but these people are hardcore.The next day you can see green clothing everywhere. With broken bottles on the ground and even a random chair on the street.Today (March 19th) was open house day where all these high school kids with their families were walking around campus. They reminded me how I felt last year without knowing where to go for my post secondary education. If I had to describe Wilfrid Laurier in one word is would be 'community' because when there is an event at the school everybody makes sure the campus is looks completely clean.
People playing on Alumni Field

P.s. I walked out my room and I saw Stevie's shoe was on top of my shoes.I don't like it when my shoes get dirty...

Thursday, March 18, 2010

The top pound for pound fighters

Since there are so many big fights involving top P4P in the next month I want to list my top 10 pound for pound fighters before the bouts. One of the easiest ways to get into an argument with a MMA fan is trying to list the best fighters in the world. Here is my view on them.

1) Anderson Silva
2) Fedor Emelianenko
3) Georges St-Pierre
4) BJ Penn
5) Jose Aldo
6) Lyoto Machida
7) Mauricio Rua
8) Gegard Mousasi
9) Dominick Cruiz
10) Dan Henderson

I know my cousin thought Shinya Aoki belonged in that list, and maybe he should be, but I need to see more of his fights before I can do that. Maybe he should leave Dream so North Americans can view how good he is.

Some people might disagree and say Rua > Machida but its tough to argue when Machida is still the champion, for now... (May 8th UFC 113 in Montreal! Brap Brap*)

I think this is a solid list, who knows, this list may dramatically change within the next 6 weeks. I originally had Brian Bowles in the mix but of course after his loss at WEC 47 I had to take him out.

Monday, March 15, 2010


Almost 5: 30 am and I am finally back from my business meeting where we took all night to finish the final report. Nothing feels better than to walk across campus at night while its raining (sarcasm). I saw people in the business building still working and they didn't look tired at all as if they do this all the time. Is that my life in the years to come? I hope not.

Fun night, but its not over, I have to fix up my resume and make a cover letter for a job interview X__X I'm so tired but I have to capitalize on this opportunity, I'll feel so bad if Terry got me an interview and I didn't do my best. I'm doubting myself because I heard the interviews are already starting and I'm JUST giving my resume now, sigh* Whether I get the Junior Accounting Analyst position or not I'm glad I got to fix up my resume. My sister and her friend completely demolished it which made me feel so bad but after looking at it now it looks ownage compared to before.

*I know this blog isn't really a formal one where I talk about more interesting stuff and add pictures but cut me some slack >< I'm running on little to no sleep and its 5:30am + I have a class at 9:30am + another meeting tonight from 9pm-12am + a midterm Wednesday + a midterm Thursday + the presentation to the 30 page report we finished today is on Thursday. I can't wait until this week is over!!! Then at least I will get a small break until finals. Too bad St Pattys day is this week, I wish it was the next week! OKAY back to work.*

I think I'll sleep after my business class ends at 2:30pm. Let me put my Monster in the fridge so I can drink it during my classes.

Song of the Day: "Sleep" - One Republic
Woah weird, I just turned on my Ipod because I was tired of working and the 1st song when I shuffled it was "Sleep" Weird!

P.s. Thank you Jeffrey for bringing back some stuff for me from home! I can always count on you.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Well that was embarrassing

Last night I stayed up late studying for psychology so I was planning to skip my Friday classes but a part of me felt bad for always skipping them so I set my alarm for the morning. Somehow I woke up for math but I was so tired I fell asleep during the lecture which isn't too embarrassing, who hasn't slept during a lecture before? What was embarrassing was when I woke up I was in the next class. My math lecture was over and apparently I was in the anthropology class which is in the same lecture hall. That was embarrassing...

I just found out from Xin today the house we got for next year isn't going to happen because one person didn't pay the full amount so the owner found another group of people. I'm not mad or anything even if I liked the house a lot, it wasn't even his fault. This means back to finding a house before the end of the term.

Its going to be another long day with the meeting with my new venture team. We need to get the report done by today so we can start preparing for our presentation!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

"Wedding Dress" - J.Reyez & Tommy C

The last time I saw Dennis (Truong) he was saying how he was leaving to record a remix with J.Reyez with the song "Wedding Dress" and I honestly thought he was joking. I didn't know he knew who Taeyang was so of course I laughed but he wasn't joking! I do think the original is better but non the less its an awesome remix. Here is J.Reyez' new remix with Tommy C.

I said the original song was better but after listening to this song a few times I have to say this is the best remix I've heard and I like the rap J.Reyez puts in during verse 3. Great lyrics.

So Jenny, Allan, (Sorry if I left out your name but these are two of the biggest Taeyang fans I know) and other Taeyang/J.Reyez fans what do you guys think about this remix?

P.s. Most jokes thing was right as I was about to tell Jenny about the song she sent me the link to the video like a second before I was going to send my msg X___X Well played Jenny, I'll beat you next time.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Being single isn't always bad

Today in business class I was so distracted because a guy sitting beside me kept breathing very loud X__x (no not you Allan, the guy sitting to my left haha). I think at one point he fell asleep and snored a bit which was surprisingly less loud than his regular breathing noise.

Internet is horrible today. I tried fixing it back at res but no luck so I'm at the library now. I had to walk around with my laptop to find the best connection.

Lesson to be learned:
The next time a question asks you "Do you want to room in a single room or a double room?" ALWAYS check the single room box or else you might end up with some one like this.You would think I'm used to this by now, but no. Its not something you can get used to.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Goodbye snow

It officially feels like spring weather because it was the first time I walked outside with a T-shirt. With all this hot weather, all the snow melted and the shortcut pathway I take to school is pure mud now X__X

Probably nothing too new going to happen in my life for the next 2 weeks because I'm in the life of a Laurier BBA student so I got a lot of work now. I'm going to sometimes put random additional thoughts at the end of my posts called "Lesson to be learned" where I will talk about something I learned recently and "Song of the day" where I just name a song I listened to on my Ipod today (I'll try to avoid mainstream music).

Lesson to be learned:
Don't use a metaphor to describe a girl, especially something as unpleasant as a snake.

Song of the day: 'Up Up & Away' - KiD CuDi

1:30am: Kobe being Kobe, can't do anything when you face a guy that clutch

P.s. I hate the letters G and F >___> (I think only 2 people would understand this joke har har)

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Food, food, and more food

This was the 1st time I went back home on a Friday, I usually just skip my 2 Friday classes but this time I had the econ midterm. Now I see why I always go home Thursday nights, it feels like the weekend is much longer.

Too bad I couldn't see my friends this time around, I'm not sure when the next time I'll be back in Markham but I'll have to assume it will be at least a month.

I guess the good thing about going back home is knowing you will bring plenty of food back to school, oh and when I say plenty I mean it.
Yes, I get to eat crabs at Laurier *brap brap*
I guess the one thing I could have had less are grapes.... sometimes there's something called too many grapes >_>
The strawberries are good because I love strawberries
Of course, I wouldn't forget about the junk food.
I will probably share these with my roommates, too many X__X
But these are all mine because I love pocky, haha kidding, I'll share these too
Btw, I also had sushi but I ate it before I could take a picture haha. And this is really random but my dad was driving me back today and I was listening to my music in the car and my dad says "Is this John Lennon and Paul McCartney?"(For all you youngsters Lennon and McCartney are 2 members from the Beatles) I'm like "whattt how do you know them?" So apparently he was a big fan of the Beatles back in the day which is a pretty cool fact to discover.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

"Handlebars" - Flobots

"I can take apart [my own laptop]
And I can almost put it back together"
My laptop

I just spent about the past 3 hours fixing my laptop fan. Why must hp laptops be so annoying to take apart?? The fan was the LAST part of the laptop, like come on! I had to take it apart, put it back together, then the monitor didn't turn on so I had to take it apart again to find the problem X__X After hours of work I'm finally done and I can finally get back to my business work.

WEC 47: Wow, did anyone expect Miguel Torres to lose in such a decisive manner?! And the Brian Bowles stoppage was lame. I love WEC, the fights are usually more exciting with the fighters so quick and light, and of course because most of them are free!

Ps. I love my new gift!!! But my fingers hurt so bad >< Play through the pain!
I haven't had time to go to the gym recently with all the business new venture stuff coming up but after going on fb and seeing random things I remember why I train in the first place. The more motivation the better!

Friday, March 5, 2010


I went to a play yesterday called "OMG" with Justin and Eddy for our anthro class. I thought it would be so boring but it was surprisingly funny. I wish I could have taken pictures or some videos but of course they don't allow them during a live play. I laughed so hard at some parts of it, even if I spent 2 hours away from studying, it was worth it.
Picture of my res when there was still snow

After the play it was down to hardcore studying! I read all of Alastair's notes because my prof's notes were pretty crap. I probably studied until 3am before I stopped and watched one episode of 'How I met your mother'. It was 5:30am before I finished the practice midterm and thats when I decided to sleep. Well.... AFTER one more episode of HIMYM haha. So I slept at 6am. Do you guys know what the truly sad thing is? I woke up before my roommate >_> That guy sleeps for 12 hours, its so crazy.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

"Intimate Lotion"

I walk in to the washroom to brush my teeth and I find this opened beside the sink >__<
The actual picture

This was just plain awkward. Omar isn't home and I know Shaun has been in his room all night studying for macro so that leaves...... yes you guessed it ><. I asked Shaun about it and here is part of the conversation (I hope you don't mind me showing this Shaun):
12:37:19 AM
whys there lubricant in the washroom X__X
12:37:26 AM
12:37:31 AM
12:37:33 AM
Oh my god
12:37:34 AM
12:37:44 AM
the bottle is opened too
12:37:48 AM
im just like wtf
12:37:52 AM
......... :|
12:37:57 AM
Lemme go look lmfao
12:38:00 AM
12:38:29 AM
12:38:31 AM
No way
12:38:40 AM
Thats fuckeddddd aha
12:38:48 AM
"intimate lotion"

Monday, March 1, 2010

The number 4

The number 4 is supposed to be an unlucky number in Chinese culture, its also our franchise player's number, its also the number of games the Raptors have lost in the past week.We have been outscored by 66 points in the past 4 losses but I do commemorate the Raps during the Cavs game until overtime came. There's no substitute to winning. Did we just get a glimpse of how our team will be in the years to come if Bosh decides to leave Toronto?
We face the Knicks on Friday and Bosh is scheduled to play that game, so hopefully we can finally get back in the W column because Chicago is only a half game back in the fight for 5th place in the East.