Sunday, November 29, 2009

Let the slowness begin....

I hate Sundays because everyone comes back onto res and the internet slowssss down. Fridays and Saturdays are the best because internet speeds up so much more!

I went to the gym again today working on cardio and I was HOPING to be watching the Raptors as I jogged but for some reason there was just poker, horse racing, and Punk'd. What shitty shows. Raptors gave up another horrible 2nd half. Bosh gave another monster game and I liked how he bounced back from the flagrant foul by Stoudemire and the low blow by Pierce. The Raptors need to have more attitude when the opposing teams attacks our franchise player! 1st by Pierce and now by Stoudemire, we need to fight back!

Grey Cup:
You can say what you wish about the CFL being shit compared to the NFL (and it is) but the story ends the same. I'm not exactly a fan of the Alouettes even though I don't pay attention to the CFL but it was a dramatic ending. I know if I lived in Saskatchewan I would be thinking who the heck ran on to the field making it too many men on the field.... They had the cup in their hands for a second before being informed it was going to be rekicked.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thermal Stamp It!

New Venture presentation today!!! I was so nervous and excited about this darn presentation. I pretty much wrote out my part of the presentation at noon today which meant I couldn't memorize it but I think I did fine for my part, as we all did pretty good presenting. I am so glad this new venture thing is done until next term!

Anyone who was in my english class would know I love presentations because its so much easier than an exam or an essay. If my group isn't the group where people want to try and achieve a better mark than, then I would feel like the presentation did not go well. I think we are the "group to beat" now but of course we'll see after next week when the other groups go. I think the best part of it was the pure numbers. People were just shocked how in depth we went with this. And of course the commercials Andrew made were jokes, I'll try to get them on Youtube.
So my presentation outfit was pretty much all black... but my shoes >___<. I forgot my dress shoes at home so I was wearing my white Jordans. I hope Nicholas didn't notice haha.

I can honestly see this product being made out there so lets see what happens after this new venture, who knows we might be able to make it big.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Waking up in the morning feeling like P.Diddy

Today I was so tired I skipped my GS101 tutorial. I have one day in the term where I can skip and its not for marks so I didn't lose anything not going to it.

I was so tired and my sociology midterm was today. So what was the solution? I slept during economics and woke up right on time for my midterm, what a life. Midterm went pretty decent with a few annoying questions where I knew it was a 50/50 chance of picking the right answer, lets hope luck is in my favour. I swear some one planned this, Some one's cell rang right at the beginning of the midterm and since all the bags were at the front no one picked it up. The song was Kesha ft. P.Diddy - "Tik Tok" and it played like twice before my prof finally put the bag outside >_>. The midterm went decent and the reason I say that is because I didn't have my exam pencil with me. I don't have a lucky pencil or anything but for some reason ever since grade 12 I've used this pencil to write all my multiple choice exams. Its more of a custom than it is a lucky charm.

Last night I was studying my sociology midterm by doing online quiz and stuff. Let me just say the online study site is crap. I did 2 different quizzes and they had one question that was the same, BUT for some reason the answer were different. The question was relatively easy so that wasn't a big problem but the thing is I did not know how many other questions had the wrong answer. I could be pretty much learning the wrong stuff from this site. Useless!


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Who turned off the lights?

Today I was at the library pretty late. I was talking to Jeffrey and asking him when libraries usually close. And then the lights suddenly turned off and I was like "uhh...that was weird, right when I was talking about it". So I pack up my stuff and look up and realize there is no one else on my floor (I was on the 6th floor). Pretty scary. And if my luck couldn't get any better, it was raining >_>.

Tonight I have an other guy sleeping in my room -__-...... I'll let you guys figure out what that means. Yes yes laugh it up....

Monday, November 23, 2009

Sleep is for the weak

Got home at 6:30am today after finishing my BU111 feasible report. I believe it ended up being right at 15 pages excluding all the sources which is pretty good. Coming in to this week I knew it was going to be tough so I'm not complaining about it. So since this report is done I should be okay with business now? Wrong..... presentation is on Thursday and we haven't started. I wonder how we are going to survive.

After a few hours of sleep: Damn, that was a much needed sleep even if it was only a few hours. I went to bed right as my roommate was waking up. Sad times.... Another long BU111 meeting today for the presentation part of the new venture.

Do not be fooled by this picture, I was extremely tired haha

What a good advertisement for Monster energy drinks!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

A sight for sore eyes

It might be just me but Anthony Johnson has the worst eye poke luck. It was first at Fight Night 14 where Johnson faced off against Burns and Burns struck Johnson in the eyes several times. The fight ended horrible, one of the worst ends to a fight ever. Its right up there with the Machida vs Shogun and Bisping vs Hamill as my shittiest end to a fight ever. Johnson got poked... he got stabbed in the eye and the ref called it a knockout (good job Steve Mazzagatti...). What the hell was that! Johnson had to have serious eye surgery after the fight.Well that was all in the past but today when he faced off against Josh Koscheck, he was the victim of an eye poke again. I believe he was poked twice in the eye and some fans might be saying why is he faking it?! Look at the replays and tell if if thats not half a finger in a guy's eye. I really don't know how to feel after that fight. Koscheck won via submission.I believe Johnson is the future of 170 and I still do. Eye pokes affect a fighter for the entire fight. Johnson might have lost his first fight to Burns but the rematch ended with a KO with Johnson standing tall. I'm sure the result would be different if he met with Koscheck again.

Joe Rogan keeps saying he would like to see closed gloves for the 4 fingers so there are no more eye pokes in the UFC but if they do that they are giving the edge to stand uo fighters. The jiu jitsu fighters will not be able to do anything on the ground with closed gloves. Can you imagine how badly Royce Gracie would have been owned by his opponents if they had that back in the day mma was born? Gracie is pretty much the first guy to use jiu jitsu in the UFC and made people think wth because he made guys twice his size tap. The gloves can not become closed, it just not going to happen.

Now after getting my anger out from the eye pokes, let me just say GSP vs Koscheck sounds a whole lot better than GSP vs Hardy. Koscheck and Hardy are both irrigant cocky assholes so can't really say much about that but Koscheck's last 2 fights have just been way too impressive to not give him a title shot. Just because White wants a British champion to gain more money over from the UK doesn't mean Hardy should get the nod. He will probably get the title shot with GSP but I just want to take a stand and say thats not the fight true mma fans want to see.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Rocking out!

Woke up so late today because I stayed up late! But thats sort of good news because that means I won't be tired tonight when I stay up doing my essay. Met up with BU111 group for a bit today but I'll probably be with them for the majority of the day tomorrow ><. We met at the Laurier library and there was this random guy asking people to do this thesis. Like wth? Who even does that? There was one guy nice enough to look at his thesis to tell him if it was good. The guy helping was in second year and he won the new venture project last year! It was weird because when I was talking to him about the new venture project I didn't exactly know if he was talking to me... He must have a lazy eye or something because it looked as if he was just staring into space. I think I might be with them for 10 hours tomorrow, I'll tell you guys how it goes.

I went to the Waterloo Porter library and its so cool there! People were so nice to help me find it because I was lost. Stupid thing is when I was almost at my sister's placee to drop off some snacks for her I realized I forgot the paper that had all the books I needed at the library so i had to walk ALL THE WAY back which was just a pain >_>. At the Laurier library there weren't any books about my topic within China but Waterloo had a ton of books about my topic in China. Just shows you the race difference.After that I went to play table tennis and play pool with Xin and Gary. Ping pong was awesome because we played doubles against these 2 brown guys and we owned them probably 5 games in a row. Oh and I would just like to say Gary got pretty good at table tennis, he smashed it a few times (very cool). And when we finally got the pool table I finally got to use my cue for the first time. It got very funny when the next people were waiting for us and we said we will just finish our game. We took like 10 minutes to finish the game... It was just sad. Every one of us missed countless shots. We missed MANY shots to a point where I laughed every time some one missed an easy straight shot.Dinner was good, thanks Gary! I can always count on you to give a great meal. We watched the hangover too. Fun day, but now time to do work. Oh yeah although this meal looks cool the fire alarm went off because of us hahaha Gary's roommate came out thinking wth?Its fun to hit stuff! Rocking out on random beats and songs (somewhat...).We didn't drink today but I found this picture to look too awesome to not post.Can someone say checkmate?

Thursday, November 19, 2009

The gift of internet

I'm at the library right now and after moving to 10 different places in the entire building, I've found a decent internet connection! Special thanks to Edwin for telling me the back of the building has better connection haha. I kept moving to different spots to try out the connection and my darn laptop wouldn't even pick up a signal in some of the spots. >___< the person beside me had perfect connection while I couldn't even find the signal...sad...

Another long night tonight.

9:41pm - Yay I get the room to myself for till Monday, roommates going home.

So for my BU111 report I've been given the task of drawing the prototype. And I'm not great at drawing... Time to use those art lessons as a kid to use!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Money in the Bank

Hey guys, I probably won't have a blog up until the end of the week. Unless I get too annoyed by my work and feel like doing something else haha.

Well I just wanted to post something because my team thought of solid new venture today! If Nicholas shoots us down again we will go insane!!! This idea is money!!!

Today I was so bored in sociology I was on Youtube and I was watching the "Wedding Dress" video again and there were a lot of white people sitting behind me, probably thinking what the heck am I watching.

12:21am - So I got a small cut on my thumb today which isn't a big deal, but then I was cutting a lemon just now for my tea so I can stay awake tonight. Bad idea... I forgot about the cut right until the sharp pain hit my thumb. And let me just say, citric acid fruits + a cut = pain (no duh).

Story of the Day
Do you guys see the difference? The first picture is the movie poster in the US and the second picture is the poster in the UK.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Wheres my clicker!

The first day back at Laurier and I'm already starting to eat bad. I brought so many junk foods I know I'm not going to be eating well in the next month haha.I went to my economics class and realized I forgot my clicker on my desk so I walked all the way back to res to get it. Made me late by 10 minutes. Some girl's cell rang in the class and Jefferson was laughing because it was some random Jamaican rap song and it was pretty loud. After it rang for a minute because the girl could find the cell in her big tna bag (see this is why I don't understand why girls have those things, its twice their size). Jefferson just gave a -__- face and told her to step out of the room to look for it. Must have been embarrassing for her.

I'm going to be busy for the next few weeks so don't expect many detailed posts. I'll still try to put small daily blogs up every day. And for all those who read my blog daily I just want to say thanks and your support and greatly appreciated!

Story of the Day
Alright so its time for the story of the day. Well this happened a few days ago and I didn't post anything about it because the guy had an excuse for crashing his car. A man driving a $1.6 million Bugatti Veyron crashed into a lake. "Police say a low-flying pelican distracted a driver in Texas, causing him to veer off a road and drive his million-dollar Bugatti Veyron sports car into a salt marsh." Now... that was the excuse, but because there is actually video footage of the crash I'll let you guys decide if there was a "pelican."

This is why I'm giving the driving my douchebag of the day. Not because he crashed his car but because he made it sound like he was such a good person for avoiding an animal on the road. I wonder what his insurance company will think about this.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Back in Tdot!

Hey guys haven't posted anything in a while because I went back to Markham this weekend. Finally back since last month and it was a fun weekend. Saw a lot of friends but didn't get all the work I wanted to get done haha. I'll split the blog into each day.

I went back to mmhs to say hi to some teachers and to meet up with Jin and Amy. As I was leaving I even saw Hao ming, of course he was late for his 1st class of the day which is at 11:30am. How can some one with the first 2 periods off still be late? Jin Amy and I went to some random Chinese place to eat. They are such a cool couple.After that I went downtown to meet up with Gary Chan and Lisa at Eatons. Spent a while deciding where to go eat. We said we wanted some pho but after walking into a pho place that looked like it was a rat infested restaurant we thought kbbq would be a better choice haha. We went to see the place Lisa works at RU and let me tell you all, it was one of the most boring places ever. Well... it looked like a cool place with a lot of nice looking projects but it was a sausage fest. I believe there was maybe 2 girls on the floor.No homo but Hao Ming we found your sitting buddy. This guy sits more awkwardly than you, and that is saying a lot.Okay so after Gary and I left RU and left Lisa to her work we got back to finch station. Everyone knows I'm not exactly the best guy to bus with because there was a huge line waiting for the 53 bus but of course I didn't know that so I walked near the front of the line (budding many many people) and some asian lady followed us and a brown lady was like "Hey! can't you see theres a line?!" And then they yell at each other and the brown lady pushes the asian lady. Oh how I wish I had my camera out... but nothing much happened after that push so it would have been a boring video.

When I got home I went over to cousin's place to play Modern Warfare 2 which is an amazing game. A short campaign but I think the special ops makes up for it. I'll post a review blog about that later so I won't get into too much detail here.

After going to no frills and picking up the food I'll be eating for the next month at Laurier I went to mix2 with Canny. It was nice to play on a table that actually works for once. The tables at Laurier a hazardous. And my dad gave me his cue which is cool but I don't think I'm good enough to bring my own cue. Who has ever heard of a big shot guy who brings his own cue and then sucks at pool? Haha maybe I'll practice at Laurier to get better.

UFC 105! Mike "The Immortal" Brown was very impressive but other than that I didn't like the card much. The main event was boring with Couture and Vera in the Clinch for the majority of the fight. I have to say I almost slept during the last 2 fights. I believe this was the first fight card Canny watched and it wasn't one that represented the MMA world well. I remember some of the first fights I've ever watched featured Roger Huerta, Georges St-Pierre, and "The Iceman" Chuck Liddell so of course I fell in love with the sport.

Sunday is always a busy day for me because I have to get ready to go back to Laurier. Not much interest stuff today, just packing.

It was nice seeing family and friends and I guess I'll see you all in a month when finals are over. Unfortunately I couldn't visit everyone but I'll make sure I do during the winter break.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I slept in today because I woke up before my alarm clock. Yes yes I know this sounds stupid but I woke up and looked at the time and since I saw I was a few minutes before the alarm, I turned it off since I thought I would get up soon. This did not happen...I fell back asleep for another hour haha. Good thing I have later classes or else I would miss many many lectures.

So Jim was talking about the BU111 midterms and he said about half of the exams were marked. Now since most people reading this don't go to WLU, BU111 is for sure the toughest 1st year course in the school. The marks so far ranged from as high at 94% all the way down to 9.5%. Yes, thats right, 9.5%

In sociology me and Eddy kept making fun of these 4 people that look like they are in their 30s and they are very "involved" in the class discussions. Those people are so weird...

A good note today is that I ate lunch even if I had to eat it in 5 minutes. And I'm going home tomorrow so probably no post, I'll save up this weekend and post it all on Sunday.

Shout out to Canadian veterans and the Canadian arms overseas because its Remembrance Day today.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

10/11/09 (Let the Battle truly begin)

Ah! Its finally that day! Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 is out! Unfortunately since I'm still at Laurier I didn't wait in line at 12am and probably won't get the game until the winter break when I actually have time to play it. One great thing is I'm going home this weekend, which means I'm going to go over to my cousin's (Dennis) house and play the new co-op mode!!! Lets see if we can beat the special op mode in a day!

Oh and of course I have a story for you all. I'm a bit troubled on whether I should give out my bamf or douchebag award. I think I'll give them both out. The bamf of the day goes to the subway driver and the good samaritians and the douchebag award goes to the drunk lady on the track.

This is a small story, but some times those are the best ones. An aboriginal couple spent their "last 10 dollars" on a lottery ticket that won them 50-million-dollars. Kirby Fontaine, 40, of the Sagkeeng First Nation said he was very fortunate to have won the prize after suffering a stroke only one year ago. The money will go toward his medical care, his family, and his tribe.

Of course I want to win the lottery, but if any one else had to win I'm glad it was Kirby

Monday, November 9, 2009


Hey guys its been a few days since I posted something and in internet time that seems like an enternity. Its just I've been sick but I'm feeling a lot better now. Two days ago it was above 15 degrees and I was freezing, I had to wear long pants and a long shirt. This just shows you how bad I was feeling because I'm the guy who walks around in shorts and a T even when its below 0 outside.

Not too much has happened because I've just been staying at res and trying to feel better.

Today in BU111 Jim yelled at these 2 girls behind me for talking throughout his lecture. They didn't even notice he was talking about them until he banged on the table, damn that must have been embarrassing for those 2 people.

I was reading a forum for my economics course and people were talking about the 2nd midterm on the discussions. Everyone now hates this one guy who said "Well I didn't get 100% but I am certain I got 84% or higher" and people first got a bit frustrated because it was a hard midterm and this guy was being a dick and other people were simply saying they wanted a 70%. After the answer key was posted up this guy left another msg saying "Yeah! I was right, I got 84% wow I'm good". After that post everyone hates this guy... I'm not saying this guy should be hated for a high mark, he probably worked hard for it, but rubbing it in peoples faces just isn't right.

Today I was supposed to meet up with BU111 group but they canceled the meeting so I walked across campus for no reason ><. What a waste of time! Oh and I'll add this random photo so this blog won't seem so boring. We post a lot of random things on the fridge.

Saturday, November 7, 2009


You know what I noticed, almost every UFC fighter has a nickname. Some of the nicknames out there are great but others simply lack imagination. I'll just name some of my favourite and some of the worst names out there. *This blog will have many pictures of MMA fighters so you can put a face to the name (pictures are below their name).*

Randy "The Natural" Couture: He truly is a natural still fighting at the age of 44.Mauricio "Shogun" RuaMirko Filipović or simply Mirko Cro Cop: I just find this name to be good because Mirko was a former cop in Croatia, hence the name Cro Cop.

Georges "Rush" St-Pierre: Some people don't like his nickname because it doesn't describe the fighter. I would tell those people to watch more MMA because no one can handle George's conditioning and his game play.Chuck "The Iceman" Liddell: The best name out there and he was one of the best in his prime.Fedor "The Last Emperor" Emelianenko: Being the best fighter from Russia and possibly the best pound for pound fighter, he is the man to beat in the heavyweight division. Quinton "Rampage" Jackson

The Worse:
Logan "The Pink Pounder" Clark

Cheick "The French Sensation" Kongo: I think hes a great fighter but I don't like his nickname. Just because there are not too many French fighters in the UFC does not mean people should put where they are from on their nicknames.Jason "The Athlete" MacDonald: All UFC fighters are athletes, thats like me calling myself Richard "The Chinaman" Chong

Frank "twinkle toes" Trigg: This just reminds me of Avatar (Yes I'm an Avatar geek)

Ken "The World's Most Dangerous Man" Shamrock: The purpose of a nick name is for others to remember you by. This nickname is longer than his own name. What are you thinking about Shamrock!I just wanted to add there are probably 10 people with the word "assassin" in their nickname and even if I think thats a decent name, its not creative anymore. (African Assassin, The Assassin, The Silent Assassin etc.) Change your nicknames!

Funny (People who choose a nick name because of their last names):
Kevin "The Fire" Burns

Ryan "Darth" Bader: It would be funnier if he called himself Ryan "The Master" Bader

Ron "H20 Man" Waterman

"The Dean of Mean" Keith Jardine: I actually like this nickname.There is also Kendall "Da Spider" Grove and Anderson "The Spider" Silva. One of them really have to change their nicknames. Of course the champ and the pound for pound best fighter can't give up his nickname. So Kendall Grove or Da Spider, whatever you go by these days, change your name.

I know a lot of people in MMA have nick names but people have to live up to their names. Such as Nate "The Great" Marquardt or "The Prodigy" BJ Penn.

Friday, November 6, 2009

05/11/09 + 06/11/09

Last night was a long night studying for the 2nd economics midterm but it was still a good day. I got my case study back and my team got the highest mark (Y). This shows my friends theory was right, so this is what he said the night we were doing this assignment.

"Yo like I went to this Jewish private school and it was such a joke, on one assignment every one got A+ but me and a few others only got an A so I was like wtf, then I realized every one else who handed it in with a duo tang. After I complained about my duo tang theory I got an A+."

Haha so that story was pretty dumb but it worked, we were the only team to hand it in with a duo tang.

Yesterday was freezing! I should bring my winter jacket next time I go home, now I regret not listening to my parents on bringing it haha. If the cold wasn't bad enough, my ipod died on me when I was walking home which sucks.

Today the economics midterm was alright, harder than last time for sure. The average of the course will definitely drop pretty bad. Right after the midterm I hit the gym for an hour and my body is pretty sore right now. If you ask Canny he would probably tell you I hate benching but now that I'm at WLU its my favourite work out because its the only thing that really pushes me. Like if I can't do the last rep I'm basically going to kill myself if I give up so I always finish my sets haha.

If you didn't know I have an ipod holder that goes on my arm and I think I wrapped it too tight because every time my right arm flexed it was blocking the blood to getting through my arm.After the gym I went to go get dinner and it was pretty unhealthy haha but its all good, I don't eat stuff like this often. Just in case you can't see its a slice of pizza with chicken wings.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

The World Series Recap

Yes the Yankees did it again, the only surprise is its already been 9 years. You know, I hear people out there saying NY bought their rings and the only reason they have 27 championships is because of their big payroll. Money isn't everything to a championship, just look at the leafs, one of the richest teams in the NHL and is tied for the worst record in the league (I'm sorry Dennis, I had to say it).

Like I said, the series ended in 6 and the long ball played a huge factor. 17 home runs in total. Hideki Matsui played the series of his lifetime and A-Rod actually played well in the 2nd half of the series, unfortunately... The Yankee's 3 man roster worked but they probably would have won regardless. They are now the team to beat and the Yankees finally back on top.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Short blog today guys because I have to study for economics midterm and also do the quiz on myeconlab.

Today I went to my first class except the doors were locked and there was a note on the BU111 door saying Jim is ill so no class today. I was so happy! Not that I wanted Jim to be sick because I think hes a cool prof, but this meant I had time to eat lunch which I never do on Wednesdays. I went to my GS101 tutorial and it was so useless, the class was literally 30 minutes and we did nothing but talk about our essay >_>. I thought we would get our midterm back!

I just wanted to say Raps won! Justin, Edwin, and I were watching the beginning of the game on Edwin's laptop because he bought NBA all access which is cool. He gets to watch all NBA games on his laptop, even the gay TSN2 ones which I can't watch on my tv!

I'll post a blog I started yesterday a little later tonight because I need still add some stuff to it. (Its about MMA) Or I might post something about the world series.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


I don't like Tuesdays cause I actually have to wake up early for class! Probably all my friends are saying wth because they wake up early every day haha. I don't know how you people do it, you need to teach me!

GS101 was so boring today I was just playing games on my laptop. Oh yeah and my prof made fun of Asians >=O. He was saying how different people in take different amounts of calories and how you can't compare fat Americans to small Asians. The room was giggling at the 5 Asians in the room of 400 -__-.

12:23am - So it was the CSA poker tournament tonight and it was honestly pretty fun. I met maybe 3 other guys who seemed to know their stuff and I would love to play poker with any of them again. So there were a few tables and only the top people made the final table. My table had all these pro people probably way better than myself and of course it did not help with them playing behind me! There was 1 guy who it was his first time playing poker and wow game after game he had hands like AA or AQ. It got really ridiculous.

I'll give you an example (This is more for people interested in poker, like Canny). So I had J3 in big blind and he had J9 in small. Board came J43 and he bet and I made a smooth call being pretty sure I was ahead and the turn comes an 8 and he bets the minimum and I decide the take the pot right there just in case he was on a draw. He calls and the river came a 4 so his kicker was better. I was so mad! But of course I didn't have it too bad because there were way worse beats that night from this guy.

So I made the final table and Justin did too (he was in another table before). This was the hand I lost in and I could have won too. I had 33 and my friend had KJ. Flop came AQ8 and I raised 10, I should have went all in with 30 chips!!! He would have folded for sure! He called and the 10 came and I GG.ed. Oh well its all good because Justin won in the end (Y) representt!